Youngest Woman Commander to Fly Boeing 777 – Anny Divya from India

Youngest Woman Commander to Fly Boeing 777 – Anny Divya from India

Indian lady Anny Divya has turned into the most youthful female commander of a Boeing 777 airplane on the planet. The 30-year-old from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh who is overpowered at the new title of administrator regardless of individuals disclosing to her that it was not a correct desire to have. Vanquishing all chances Anny Divya earned the title that very few ladies in the nation have regardless of yearnings. She earned a grant at 19 in the wake of joining the flying school Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi at 17. She initially figured out how to fly a Boeing 737 in Spain subsequent to getting her initially flying occupation for business carriers Air India. She has likewise finished her propelled preparing in London for flying a Boeing 777, the world’s biggest twin fly.

She revealed to Mirror Now, “From a youngster, I generally needed to be a pilot, in spite of the fact that I didn’t have much direction on the best way to wind up noticeably a pilot. My folks have dependably been exceptionally strong despite the fact that there were individuals letting them know not to send me to flying lessons and the expenses were a ton for them to pay around then, however they oversaw.” Talking about flying the world’s biggest twin fly, she stated, “I had the choice to take order on a 737 yet (the Boeing 777) is the plane I generally needed to fly in charge so I needed to hold up somewhat more. This is the thing that I needed to do.” She as of late took to Facebook noting questions of individuals of how to end up noticeably a business pilot.

Anny Divya
Hi everyone, I received lot of queries regarding how to become a commercial pilot.Here are some broad guidelines.

To become a commercial pilot after completing your 12th with Maths and physics, you will require to do class 1 medical from DGCA approved medical centre.
Then you need to obtain following licence’s
student pilot license and then
take Commercial Pilot training and CPL(Commercial Pilot License) in order to become a commercial pilot. You can take the training and License from any DGCA Certified Flying School.
You also need to obtain radio telephony (RT) license from ministry of communications.

More details are available online and you may also contact your nearest flying school.

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