Whatsapp – How to Type in Hindi, English or any other Language on WhatsApp

Whatsapp – How to Type in Hindi, English or any other Language on WhatsApp

Whatsapp, indeed the lifeline for most of us these days! It is indeed on e of the best and the most widely used communication app being used worldwide by millions of users.

Whatsapp is more of a trend over and above being a mere need now. This is one app most people are hooked on to from the start of the day until the wee hours of the night. The best part is that you can use various languages too while you use your favorite app to connect with family, friends and also for business.

But, just in case you are confused about using the various languages other than the default English, this one is just for you! Most of us love reading and sending out texts in Hindi and other regional languages, but still wonder about what and how to go about it!

Read further to get the best tips and tricks to be able to enjoy Whatsapp with all its add-on features:

Let us read further and see how to accomplish this feature in to our daily conversations. The best part in fact is that you don’t really need anything special. You just need to have a phone with a Hindi Devanagari option activated. This way you can easily use Hindi language to be used for messages, Whatsapp, email, SMS etc.

Once you are done with this, you can access Whatsapp and start writing in Hindi with letters. You would write in regular English, while the message on screen would get typed in Hindi language.

Or You can use below tool

Techwelkin is a tool that can be used towards using Hindi and then further copy and paste the text on the Whatsapp medium.

Hindi is indeed deep inside us, it is our roots, particularly our parents. Hence the use of Hindi language has enhanced its user experience to a great extent.

Communication is indeed an integral part of our social wellbeing, using Hindi and other language as per our convenience and comfort has enabled us to express ourselves in a better way.

Whatsapp has launched this feature in order to let the users enjoy the diversity of languages and hence enhance their user experience. So, bring o the beauty of the Hindi langue on your screen via Whatsapp with ease and no extra efforts, right on, today!

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