UP Police FIR online Registration

UP Police FIR online Registration

How to register FIR online Uttar Pradesh Police, (https://uppolice.gov.in)

File FIR against the victim is big task in India due to system is very strong and you can say complicated, before digitalization of our administration system suppose you suffering from any criminal activities or lost theft issue than need to file FIR against the personal or organisation. How is it possible couples of years previous just need physically visit police station and complaint again the issue but today digital worlds make coveince in UP in India also you can register FIR online Uttar Pradesh Police, uppolice.gov.in

There is puzzle about how is possible to register FIR online UttarPradesh Police,(https://uppolice.gov.in)

Get more help here in our article we try to cover all aspect of register FIR online with Uttar Pradesh Police either using Web Version or Mobile Version. UP Police has introduced system to register FIR online for people who want to file First Information Report.

Complaints can be lodged through mobile application or web application any time anywhere without going to police stations. Online Registration of FIR in UP through Laptop or Desktop PC

Start here #by #procedure to register online FIR with UP Police-:

#1 : Hit on the link to – https://uppolice.gov.in/page.aspx?lost-and-found

#2 :Hit on the Web Version Button. When you hit on Web Version button, the following menu will open

#3 :If you are a registered user hit on the existing user option. If you are a new user and not registered yet Hit on register to proceed.

#4 : Please enter a Valid Mobile Number and E-Mail address you will have to receive OTP (One Time Password).

#5 : Hit on Register Lost Report to file FIR for your lost document  or article. You can check View registered Report check if you have already submitted a report before.

#6 : Enter personal details like..

  • Complainants name,
  • Son of / Wife of / Daughter of Name,
  • Complete Correspondence Address,
  • Mobile No
  • E-mail ID:


#7 : Hit on next to proceed. The following menu will be opened.

#8 : Enter the details of Place of occurrence i.e. where the document or article has been stolen. Enter the Place of occurrence, District, Police Station from Drop down menu, From Date, From Time, To date To Time and brief fact on how the documents stolen or lost.

#9 : Click Next to proceed. Not the following menu will open to enter details of Lost Articles.

#10 : Select the name of article from the list available in the drop down menu. If the name of article is not mentioned in the list, then select others, Other Details of the lost article. Describe about the article in brief. If you lost more than one article Hit on add more article.

#11 : Hit on the Submit Button. Immediately after you Hit on the button you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number and e-mail address. The following menu will open.

#12 : Enter the OTP received on your mobile and Hit on confirm to authenticate the report. Immediately after you Hit on the confirm button you will get Lost confirmation with your Report Number as shown below. A Digitally Signed copy of the FIR will send to your registered Email Address in PDF Format. You can take a printout of the Lost Article Report and use it for desired purpose.


Required List of Documents / Articles and information needed

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Card No. and place of issue
  3. Bank Account Book
  4. Bank Account Number, Bank Name
  5. Admit Card
  6. Number, Institution Name, Place of Issue
  7. ATM Card
  8. Bank Account No. Debit Card No
  9. Bank Draft
  10. Account No, Bank Name, Place of issue
  11. Camera Electronic
  12. Serial No. , Manufacturer, MAC No
  13. Cheques
  14. Bank Account No., Bank Name, Place of Issue
  15. Computer Electronic
  16. Serial No., Manufacturer, MAC No
  17. Credit Card
  18. Bank Account No., Credit Card No
  19. Debit Card
  20. Bank A/c No., Debit Card No.
  21. Driving License
  22. DL No., Place of issue
  23. Fixed Deposit Receipt
  24. Bank A/c No.
  25. Identity card ID
  26. Card No., Place of issue
  27. Institutional Documents
  28. Document Name, Document ID, Place of issue
  29. iPad
  30. MEI No., Manufacturer, Colour
  31. ipods
  32. MEI No., Manufacturer, Colour
  33. Laptops
  34. Electronic Serial Number, Manufacturer, Colour
  35. Mobile
  36. IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer
  37. PAN Card
  38. PAN No., Place of issue
  39. Pass Book
  40. Bank A/c No
  41. Passport
  42. Passport No., Place of issue
  43. Ration Card
  44. Ration card No., Place of issue
  45. Tablet IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer


Know What the Experts Think About How to File FIR Online UP Police

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The fantasy of romance could be gone. For those who have completed any crime or murder then you cannot apply for this procedure. The police is required to send the. He is required to send the. The incident happened on Friday whenever the man went to the police station to submit a complaint over some issue that is not yet known. Unnecessary details ought to be avoided. It looks a little more creepy.

First, the letter format must be proper. On the internet page, you’ve got three options of registering complaints. By that, you can examine your e-FIR status. If in the event you have lost any among these certificate then you may apply for FIR procedure.

What’s Actually Going on with How to File FIR Online UP Police

Fully being an actual gentleman, isn’t ever a poor idea. All things considered, Adam is among the most honest and down-to-earth person I’ve ever befriended. The net has changed into a crazy girlfriend. Dial 100 might be the helpline number. This kiosk will make it simple for citizens to submit an FIR. It is among those fundamental ingredients of a prosperous relationship. In agreement with P.P.R. 24.4.

Complainant shouldn’t be puzzled. Complaints might incorporate coverage difficulties, claim disputes, premium problems, sales misrepresentations, policy cancellations, refunds, etc.. Open the OCR Complaint Portal and pick the sort of complaint you want to file. Complaint is usually made by the individual against whom the offence was committed. Written complaint ought to be taken.

Enjoy the read and take note of the ones that you like. A letter needs to be written by keeping particular points in mind. Be certain you compose the letter as professionally as possible. The donation request letter ought to be able to draw a photo of the cause which you are associated with.

You’re a rather intriguing individual. They should let you know when they arrest the individual who abused you. It needs to be recorded in first individual.

You always know how to surprise me. Then you’ll get started talking heavy. You don’t have to do that. Thus it’s not sustained. However, it’s not mandatory. It’s not a best sign, but it’s a pretty good one. So it’s a good thing you’re here reading.

The project will probably be implemented by March 2012. It isn’t a simple task to request donations from people for a cause. This procedure is very easy and simple. So we must be aware of this practice. These systems ought to be sustained. We intend to begin a new facility in your community as a way to cater to more number of individuals. The internet complaint registration facility is just available in Mumbai.

Our aim is to help these folks reorganize their lives. With the assistance of your monetary guidance, our organization will have the ability to support a substantial number of seniors. You are going to be shortly contacted by somebody from our committee, to explore additional details about the donation. As we’re falling short of the sum needed, we’re requesting different members of the community for generous donations.

There are two approach to acquire in contacts. Authentic information needs to be mentioned in FIR. However, you need to offer right information otherwise you might get trouble also. So it’s not on every info that a number of persons are conspiring to do an illegal act an F.I.R. ought to be registered.  The websites home page is going to be opened. There could be sites which aren’t what they seem to be. I hope you’ve filed FIR online successfully.

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