Top 10 Most Polluted Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Polluted Countries in the World

Most Polluted Country in the World

Most of the metropolitan cities have been facing the serious hazards of high pollution level. There are chemicals, toxic substances, smoke, smog and what not that have made breathing, a lot more difficulty than humans ever thought of. This is a problem in the A list of most Governments but the population, use of factories, vehicles and the lack of the green belt is increasingly elevating the issue, hence causing a serious problem, making human existence and survival a lot tough than ever before. ( Also Read – What is the most polluted CIty in the world)

Life in a clean environment surely adds lot many extra years to the human life, while just also does bring along peace of minds, refreshment, healthy relationships, better productivity and a lot more. Metro lives are toxic, rushed, polluted, stressed out and typically maddening if you consider human survival, on the whole.

Today in this blog, let us discuss ten of the most polluted cities across the world. This is certainly not going to claim off your ties with these places, but in fact realize the urgency of the need to curb down the increasing pollution and encourage readers to all, individually perform their bits!

  1. Bahrain-one of the last in the list. It is considered to be the 10th most polluted cities in the world. The air pollution here is out of control already, while it exists in the form of smoke, emissions from the various industrial units, energy producing units, vehicles etc.
  1. India-No matter how fed we are with the pollution in the country. Its hold the 9th position in the world. The life expectancy is decreasing and the average man suffers air pollution and its various discomforts, making it tough to roam around the country, particularly the metro cities. (Also Read – What is the most polluted country in the world 2017?)
  1. UAE-No doubt it is considered to be the richest country in the world. But its inhabitants need to pay the bill by bearing high pollution levels along. The population is high, higher productivity, numerous industrial set ups are indeed reasons!
  1. Mongolia-The effect of pollution here has affected the life period of the inhabitants here. There is progress but along with it, high pollution levels are a cause of concern here in this country.
  1. Egypt-You would not believe that this calm and serene city can be highly polluted too! The place is already on alert for its high pollution levels that affect tourism too big time here now.
  1. Iran-This is the fifth most polluted city in the world, while air pollution is the one to put the blame on. The living quality is indeed disoriented, while the air is toxic and gradually taking lives here. (Also Read – Who list of most polluted cities in the world?)
  1. Bangladesh– This is one place that ahs one of the worst air pollution, indeed.
  1. Afghanistan– With the average life ranging for about 60 years for both men and women, tis country certainly needs to eradicate pollution before life gets tougher here.
  1. Qatar– being the second most polluted country in the world. Breathing in the open is almost dangerous over here. the air quality is literally bad and hampering the health of most inhabitants.
  1. Pakistan-This might come in as a surprise as the country has been in the list for wrong reasons of course. But it also tops the list by being the most polluted countries in the world. The outer air is bad, contaminated and extremely poor in nature.


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