Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India

Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India

List of Most Polluted City in India

Likely too many other problems in here, India has been struggling hard to cope-up with its increasing pollution levels, No doubt the country has indeed come a lot way, adapting to the west and achieved a lot in the last few decades. However the high pollution levels are indeed making the survival, a lot sad in the country. Even after achieving success, accomplishing goals and making a mark in front of the rest of the world, the pollution level here is also, indeed the talk of the town for many countries.

Although these days, being a major drawback in the country, the Govt. and its officials keep rolling out measures to cope with the current situation and also adapt measures and solution in order to get a hold of this situation.

Here are the top ten polluted cities in India. These places indeed are a trap to innovation, creation as well as expansion. They certainly have not arrived alone! The country has to pay for all the innovation achieved so far.

These are the top 10 cities in India, where pollution levels are alarming. Some quick and effective measures need to be taken, stringently in order to curb down this problem completely.

 01. Delhi

The capital city is indeed the crown of the country, but also the topmost polluted city! It is densely polluted, and hence there are millions of vehicles rushing through the busy lanes of Delhi, almost every hour of the day and night, causing worst air quality.




02. Patna

Agriculture is the back bone of this city, still the modern life and transformed equipments have take over, causing it tough to breathe clean in the city.







03. Gwalior

Although this is a simple city to be it. But tourism is a major boon or this city that carries along large number of tourists who hamper the natural balance of this city.



04. Raipur

An industrial hub, this place is doing great in terms of business and pollution form plants and industries, is so very evident here.



05.  Ahemadabad

Being a large textile hub, this city is certainly growing. So, inflation in the pollution levels is certainly bad and unacceptable.


  1. Firozabad 

The glass industry here in this city along with the air pollution levels have altogether made the country filthy and dirty enough to talk further.


7. Amritsar

A love for Punjab and guests, have made Amritsar! You can chill, shop and observe the place. While I was busy with the billing etc. you can check out the high pollution here as well.













  1. Kanpur

There is a lot being done these days in order to bring down the air pollution in India. Kanpur is soaring with high pollution levels and conditions are really worsening by the going days.













  1. Agra

The land of the great wonder, Agra is visited by millions of visitors each month and hence comes the traffic. The hike in the pollution level has also made the wonder creation a bit dusty and pale in its color.

10. Ludhiana

There are loads of industries flourishing big time in the city. They are unaware of blindfolded towards the impact it can create for that matter.


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