Top 10 music director in Bollywood for all time

Top 10 music director in Bollywood for all time

If you are a music lover or you like Bollywood music you should know that who is the top 10 music director in industries for all time.

Role of Music Director

Music director decides who is the best music in terms of movie demand, in terms of budget. He is only one who can decide – yes these particular songs are good for this movie, They also decide who is the best singer for any particular song.

Responsibility of Best Class Music at the Shoulder of Music Director

He is responsible and accountable face for hit music or flop music is an only music director. This is the skills how to represent the music in front of audience group. Are you know who is the best music direct in Bollywood for all time.

  1. Kalyaan g Anand g
  2. Laxmikant Pyarelal
  3. S.D.Barman
  4. R.D.Barman
  5. Rawindra Jain
  6. Nadeem Shravan
  7. Aanand Milind
  8. A.R.Rehman
  9. Anu Malik
  10. Jateen Lalit

Photo with bio-graphy for all music director:

Kalyan g Anand g

Kalyan ji Anand ji

Laxmikant Pyarelal

Laxmikant – Pyarelal





Ravindra Jain


Ravindra Jain

Nadeem Shravan

Anand Milind


Anu Malik

Jatin Lalit

List of Bio-wiki refrance below list

I hope this list is helpfull and instersting thank you!

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