Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestler of All Time

Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestler of All Time

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Almost all kids of the 90s have spent their childhood watching, enacting and getting absorbed in various games of wrestling! Well, true indeed it is, there are so many things that still remind of this amazing live wire entertainment.

The wrestlers were even more than any of the superheroes for that matter and wrestling was not just limited to the TV for sure. They were wrestling board games, card games, matches and so much more. So it would not be incorrect to say that yes, wrestling has been a major part of our childhood spent under the impactful and hooking experience of the wrestling world.

The championships were gripping and people often missed a heartbeat or two, once their favorite wrestlers made their way to the ring. The wrestlers gained immense popularity and now are the time; they would certainly make the most of.

Let us list down the most highly popular and paid wrestlers who made their mark, invincible:


Not everything has a price tag! But this man surely has some on his name. This is one of the most highly paid wrestlers of all time. This man served the famous Ted DiBiase, while he himself dint know when this man took away the throne from him.

2.Lex Luger

Another man of his charm is listed to be extremely popular in his era and of course popularity comes with loads of money too!

3.Scott Hall

The wrestling industry would be incomplete without taking the name of this legend. Often called the funny gy, he managed to woo the crowd with his wit and kick ass moves.

4. John Cena

They say people age, but this isn’t true for this beauty! Yes its john Cena that we have been hearing and watching forever now. Looks great and has a greater fan base, gets paid typically well that is must for him acclaim!

5. Triple H

Another millionaire who knew it juts right! He could create a lot of drama inside the ring and outside as well! He has been known for his incredible confidence, aggression, moves and million bucks, of course!

6.Randy Orton

Although he is not in the league at present, but this man, knew it right. He has collected enough to survive his fortune now! You can love or hate him, while he is one guy who literally made his own pay checks!

7.The Undertaker

Who doesn’t know this guy! A great player, a mystery in his realm! He is definitely one guy who knew it all, when WWE was spoken about. ( Also Read – Top Facts, Biography & Net Worth of The undertakers You Need to Know)

8.The Big Show

The crazy fans queued up to get a glimpse of this wonder man! He has been a hero for millions, while the money was always easy and amazing for him!


He knew how to drive the crowd crazy enough with his wits and astonishing play. He deserves the list for sure!

  1. Dean Ambrose

Titled to be the WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion knows how to make the best out of all he does!

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