Top 10 Healthy Omelette Recipes You Can Try

Top 10 Healthy Omelette Recipes You Can Try

Top 10 Healthy Omelette Recipes

Hello Guys” Today I am going to give you top 10 healthy omelette recipes you can try by your own. Whenever we think or talk about breakfast “Omelette” is one which struck our mind first and instantly. It is because it is very easy to make as well as very healthy also.Omelette is a French word that came into use during the mid of 16th century.

Cooking a delicious Omelette is definitely a skill. It is easy to make, but difficult to master this skill. Omelette is the combination of egg and much other stuff added to it. A perfect Omelette is fluffy and golden fromoutside and creamy from inside. Here I have present some brilliant tips that will help you get it right, every time.

Here the list of top 10 healthy omelets recipes with the respective preparation method also written:

Indian spiced Omelette

Preparation method: You have to add the chopped onions, tomato, green chillies, coriander, chilli and turmeric powder in a bowl. Now mix the ingredients very well. Break the eggs and whisk lightly. Now take a large nonstick frying pan pour some oil and heat it. Pour in half of the egg mix in the pan.

Give it a quick swirl making sure to distribute it evenly across the pan. Cook the underside for a minute over a medium heat until it sets, is light brown and slightly crisp around the edges. Flip the Omelette over and cook for a further minute on medium heat. Fold over the ready masala Omelette, and serve stuffed in bread or rolled up in chapatti.

Spinach and Mozzarella Egg White Omelet

Preparation Method: Whip egg whites in a small bowl until slightly foamy. Heat a medium size nonstick Pan over medium high heat; cook egg whites mixed with water for 1 minute or until they begin to lightly set.

Now spread Spinach and Cheese over half of the eggs; using a flexible, heat-proof spatula, fold eggs in half over filling and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from pan; season with salt and pepper and serve.

Wild Mushroom Omelet

Preparation Method: Melt butter in a pan over medium high heat. Place eggs in a small bowl. Add salt and a dash of pepper, stirring with a whisk until eggs are foamy. Combine chopped shallots, water, choppedwild mushrooms, in a small Pan over medium high heat; bring to a simmer. Cook 3 minutes or until water evaporates and mushrooms are tender, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat.

If your pan becomes too hot and the eggs begin to set too quickly, simply lift the pan off the heat to slow the cooking as you stir. Garnish with fresh flat-leaf parsley sprigs for a pretty presentation, and serve with fresh fruit.

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Western Omelet

Preparation Method: Combine water, salt, black pepper, eggs in a medium bowl, stirring with a whisk. Heat a nonstick pan over medium high heat. Add oil to pan swirl to coat. Stir onion, bell peppers, thyme, and ham sauté until vegetables are crisp-tender. Remove vegetable mixture from pan; set aside.

Return pan to medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon oil to pan add half of egg mixture to pan, cook 1 minute or until edges begin to set. Sprinkle cheese evenly over omelet. Sprinkle half of vegetable mixture over cheese. Run spatula around edges and under omelet to loosen it from pan; fold in half. Slide omelet onto a plate.

Prawn Masala Omelette

(It is an Omelette recipe that is healthy and definitely very good for the heart.)

Preparation Method: In a pan add butter, chopped prawns and salt. Saute for 2 minutes. Keep aside.In a pan add oil and butter, Kashmiri chilli, cumin, saunf.Now add the onions. Saute till golden.Add the tomatoes, salt and fresh coriander. Cook till the tomatoes wilt and leave oil on the sides. Add the prawns to this mixture. Toss well. Keep aside to cool.In a bowl break 4 eggs. Add salt, pepper and red chilli powder and mix it. In a pan add butter, let it melt and Add the Omelette mixture. Cook from both sides. Roll it up and cut it into four equal parts.

Cheese Onion Omelette

Preparation Method: Heat some butter in a pan. You can use oil too. Add some onions and let them caramelize. Whisk the egg in another bowl. Do not over beat the egg. Add some salt, cheese and herbs to it.

Now in another pan heat some butter/oil. It should be of a good amount otherwise the egg will stick to the pan. Pour the egg mix and spread it evenly. Add the caramelized onions to it. Fold one half of the egg over other and serve.

African Omelette

Preparation Method: Heat Butter/oil in a pan. Add bay leaf, white onions, paprika powder and red chilli paste. Now spread the mutton mince on the pan, add salt and cook for few minutes. Break the eggs on top and put the Omelettes in a salamandor for 2 to 3 minutes. Put it back on fire for a minute. Serve with baked beans and toast.

Masala Omelette

Preparation Method: Heat olive oil in a pan and add onion, tomato and green chilies. Let the vegetables sweat lightly then turn down the heat and let the vegetables cook. Then break eggs and whisk them nicely. Add salt and pepper to flavor. Mix the eggs and the vegetable and sauté them. Then heat the pan with butter and pour the mixture in the pan. Sprinkle fresh coriander leaves, spring onions and grated cheese on the mixture and let it fry. Make two folds of the Omelette. Turn off the heat and add butter under the omelet. Serve with a toasted bun and garnish with fresh coriander.

Spanish Omelette

Preparation Method: In a pan add olive oil and butter. Add onions, sauté till pink. Add thinly sliced potatoes. Saute for 3-4 minutes. Whisk eggs with little parsley, salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix the onion-potato mixture into the eggs. Pour the Omelette batter in the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes. Flip and cook from the other side.

Mediterranean Omelette

Preparation Method: Gently whip the eggs and add salt and pepper. Heat oil in a pan and cook the whipped eggs. Take a fork and gently stir the eggs. Spread onions, spinach, olives and oregano on top and fold. Once done, fold it again and serve.


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