Top 10 Cleanest Cities In India

Top 10 Cleanest Cities In India

List of cleanest cities in India

India is mostly popular for its cultures and traditions in the whole world with many historic sites. When you ask most people about India then they will tell you it’s a colorful country or a highly populated one. One thing which you might not get from many people is about its cleanliness. After the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan where the Prime Minister of India sweeps through the cities motivating others to do the same. Many celebrities from Bollywood join in this movement and ensure that people also follow the importance of cleaning. Nowadays the cities are being given rank in order for their cleanliness to ensure that everything is perfect.


According to the Swachh Sarvekshan, 2019, Indore is the cleanest city in India. For the third consecutive time that Indore wins this achievement. Even though it is the most populated city of Madhya Pradesh it still maintains its cleanliness with the help of its citizens.


Ambikapur in Chattisgarh is the second cleanest city in India. It is a city that is named after a Hindu Goddess with the same name. The municipal corporation took a modern approach towards the disposal of different types of waster. Not only that but they also provide jobs to women under poverty.


Mysore is the largest city in the state of Karnataka and is ranked at number 3 for the cleanest city of India. It has a lot of historical places meaning that it attracts more tourists. For more than six centuries the city was the Princely Kingdom of Mysore. The cleanliness of the city will definitely impress the tourist and bring more revenue and growth for the city.


Ujjain is the land for pilgrims and one of the reasons why it is so clean. Due to its cleanliness other cultures and religion sites also took a step to maintain their premises clean.

New Delhi(NDMC)

New Delhi Municipal Council is also is known as NDMC is at the fifth position for Cleanest Cities In IndiaThe municipal corporation took a better approach towards its disposal system of wet and dry waste.


Ahmedabad is amongst the biggest cities of Gujarat and home to many industries. Despite that, it manages to achieve the sixth position for Cleanest Cities In India, the garbage collection from every ward of the city was 100% proving its efficiency.

So these are some of the cleanest cities that you can find in India. Every person in India is making an effort to ensure that every area remains clean. This will really help in improving the image of the country around the world

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