The modern Vastu therapy with top Vastu experts

The modern Vastu therapy with top Vastu experts

Learning about the Vastu tips for the different places according to Vastu becomes very necessary. According to Vastu Shastra, the home, office, or any other setup should always consider the basic metrics of the Vastu Shastra that ensures maximsing the wellbeing and also the business potential. These aspects can also give the impact of the current office layout on the business.

Vastu for existing office

  • Sometimes it might happen that you feel Drowsy and bored at the workplace. The Vastu for the existing office becomes effective. In this regard, the Vastu for office ensures maintenance of the flow of the finances into the business and ensuring that it will be guaranteeing the flow of positive energy in the office. It turns out to be necessary for compliance with the following of certain metrics.
  • The office must be set up in the east direction as the sun rises in the east and ensures the flow of finances from all sides.
  • Shape the plot, and the construction of the office should be quite symmetrical so that the function gets organised.
  • The sitting arrangement of the head or owner should be facing the north direction that will be helping in making the client meeting the huge success.
  • Colour for the conductive office environment also becomes a major factor. It becomes essential to pick the colors with bright hues that help to energise the employee’s sitting arrangement.
  • The people holding the managerial position in the office should be seated in the Western portion that can ensure the improvement of the managerial skills.

The basic Vastu for home

  • Basic Vastu for home suggests the size of the home is an essential factor. The width of the doors should be half the size of the height of the door.
  • Paintings and statues that are in the house should also be an important consideration that will match with the Vastu Shastra.
  • The living room should always be in the eastern North or the North-East directions.

The Vastu Shastra tips for choosing the new apartment

  • Vastu shastra for new flat suggests entry into the home says that the south or the west entry to the home isn’t recommended at all, according to Vastu Shastra. The logic behind the same is that the infrared rays come into the property that can cause a severe impact on the health.
  • Bedroom Vastu sastra says that the bedroom should be in the southwest corner.
  • Vastu, related to the kitchen space, says that the kitchen space should fit well in the southeast direction. According to Vastu, this aspect can also ensure that the floor must be prepared in the east direction.
  • The kid’s bedroom states that the consideration of the north side is better. Besides, the Northwest direction of the flat is the best for the child’s bedroom. This can ensure the facilitation of ample natural light in the room.
  • Bathrooms and toilet is also an essential consideration. People usually ignore the washroom area in the flat, but it is essential to check whether the bathroom toilet is in the northwest of the southeast of the flat.

Final words

You can get the on-site consultation with the offsite consultation as well. If you’re looking for the right details regarding the site or anything else with the full screen and examination, you can rest assured that you can get the professional approach for the same. Besides, these Vastu services are applicable for the hotels, schools, restaurants, corporate regions, residents, as well as offices. That said, the Vastu experts have a proper understanding of the service and can provide it with full dedication without any hassles in the same.

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