How to Send Money to Friends & Family Members through PayTM Wallet?

How to Send Money to Friends & Family Members through PayTM Wallet?

We all grew up while listening to a very famous say “Time is Money”. Now the modern meaning of these words has changed to save time while spending and managing money!

To implement these mobile wallets has evolved our life, which we can save lot of time and pay for our daily needs without much hassle. Power of internet is now very much utilized and has given birth to e-wallets in order to facilitate the consumers in day to day life chows. Mobile wallet in simple words is an app for making and receiving money from any where across the world. We do not have to carry lots of cards which in our wallet all we need is a smart mobile with app like “Paytm’.

There are lots of advantages for using e-wallet like Paytm like we can even pay two digits bills which otherwise not possible with cards. Paytm wallet offers to use to buy any commodities on other e-commerce site as it has collaboration with all the famous e-commerce sites.

How to Use PayTM Wallet?

Not just this, Paytm also offers to facilities like sending money to friends and family members. All we need to do is open the Paytm App in the Smart phone with Data Connectivity.

  • Tap the pay or send icon located on the top of the app.
  • Now either scan the bar code if you have or add the mobile number of your love once in the tab “mobile number”.
  • Now the app will ask for desired amount, we have to enter the same in the tab.
  • The moment you click yes the desired amount in no time transferred into the Paytm account of your friend or family member.
  • This is all about technology we don’t need to visit Bank branch or any other authority for transfer the amount. All we need the App with Paytm.
  • Then after, both the receiver as well as the sender would receive a confirmation message. Hence making the use of Paytm all the more safe and reliable.
  • The same amount if required can be easily transferred directly in the bank accounts too.

Hence the use of the Paytm wallet is increasingly getting popular, while offering the much required ease and accessibility. All from small vendors on the street side to showrooms are increasingly using the Paytm wallet!

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