How to Renew Passport Online in India

How to Renew Passport Online in India

Process – How to Renew Passport Online in India

Passport is an incredibly important document that is required in order to visit abroad, carry a confident credential or an authentic document along. But there are times, we don’t realize and they tend to get expired. We only come to light when there is an urgent need or immediate travel requirement. In this case are issue of the passport is indeed required in order to pursue the urgency for that matter.

The Tatkal passport seva would come in light as and when you woud need the urgency of getting a valid passport due to an end number of requirements.

The re-issue facility of the Tatkal Seva has gained a lot of popularity, considering its smooth functioning, transitioning and action, resulting in solving the passport related qualms. All you need to present in the Tatkal office is the reason for your urgency.

Once the office validates the same, you can be free to apply and expect the re-issuance on a high priority. You can register for the same online, while registering your details and mentioning the urgent need.

There would be a cost of INR 3500-4000 involved for the same. You can submit the cost in order to start the expedient process, asap.

You would then require appearing at the regional passport office, closet to you, this is validation process and must be done in person by the applicant, itself.

  • Reaching there, you can also submit the entire set of required documents.
  • In the case of a passport re-issue in a Tatkal case, you can get the police verification and other formalities done after the issuance too.
  • The officials and the committee, offers a bit of leverage, particularly in the case of re issue, in the Tatkal case.
  • The re-issue of the passport is made within a day and certainly acts as bliss for the ones, stuck and in need of it on urgent basis.
  • You can apply for a re-issue passport facility online. The registration process is self explanatory and does not require any special process.
  • After the application, online, you need to submit the photo copies and the originals too of the mentioned documents.

After you submit the set of paper work required!

This is one of the best facilities for the ones in need, distress or urgency. People might need to travel abroad for urgency at work, visit someone close, critically ill and many more such scenarios.

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