How to Reduce Air, Water and Land Pollution

How to Reduce Air, Water and Land Pollution

How common people can Reduce Pollution as ( Air, Water and Land )?

Due to the rapid revolution, most of the countries are facing pollution as a trouble that is hard to curb down. This is a major flaw that has come along with the rapid development in the past few decades. Undoubtedly there are major changes and attempts being made in order to curb down this issue, still there is a long way to go!  Reduction and prevention both go hand in hand as a process to relive the after effects of pollution, be it in the air, on the land or in the water. Our lives are indeed surrounded by all of these bodies and they certainly touch each day of our lives, directly or indirectly for that matter. ( Also Read – Top 10 Most Polluted Countries in the World)

Here are a few steps that might come handy in order to deal with the peculiar problem of pollution:

Air Pollution

  • We all breathe, its natural and its life, indeed. Hence air pollution is becoming a cause of concern and at alarming levels in most countries all across the globe.
  • Controlling the use of vehicles that cause air pollution is one big step that can make a huge round of difference.
  • Keeping the car emissions on check is another aspect that comes handy. While we must limit the use of vehicle and consider walking or public transport as an alternative to that.
  • An electric car, hybrid versions are increasing gaining popularity and are indeed a great solution to curb down the air pollution levels.
  • Planting more and more tress is a great solution, while cutting down of trees is strongly condemned in such an environment that we are all caught in now.
  • Ban on the use of plastic bags is a step that is doing rounds since over a decade now. This needs a total control, no matter what!

Water Pollution

  • Water is life and there is no doubt on that. Apart from humans, all living beings that exist on the earth need water for their survival. Hence is it crucial to protect this precious element of nature.
  • Avoid dumping of waste and harmful chemicals in the sewage.
  • Industrial wastes should be carefully decomposed and not floated around in the water bodies.
  • Recycling can big time help in controlling the water pollution. Dumping shall be reduced and in turn rectify water pollution, big time.
  • Bio gas is generated from the waste that is carefully composed.

Land Pollution

  • Cities; particularly the meters generate waste and dump them all on the land! This further ends up polluting the land around.
  • City wastes, harmful chemicals, toxic wastes etc are all dumped in the land in cities, making the problems severe and a cause of concern.
  • The use of fertilizers and chemicals often end up toxicating the land and hence should be avoided as a must.

The use of polyethene bags is strongly condemned and must be avoided in order to keep the land and the surroundings well.

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