Privacy Policy is an informative blog/website, which furnished reliable and useful news and information about the latest buzz in various Entertainment,Lifestyle,Facts,Net Worth,Sports,Tech,Travel,How To guide,News, many more in addition to telling the users about the news for the events. As in case of other websites, this one too has its own privacy policy, which facilitates transparency in its working and also, keeps an eye on the users’ interest, so that they can get the most useful information.

Privacy Policy of

The privacy policy of can be accessed by the users at the website itself, along with questions related to the policy being answered right here. The aim is to make sure that the users get the most trustworthy information related to entertainment business and also have a complete overview of its privacy policy document.

Use of Log Files and cookies

Log files and cookies are an integral part of the website and are aimed at establishing market trends. Log files are related to details like ISP, number of clicks per page and date and time. On the other hand, cookies are equally important as they furnish information about types of browsers and pages visited by the users. Also, the privacy policy of the website protects the confidentiality of user information.

Regarding Images

If you have any issue with images and you want to remove it ASAP then please email us at contact2krishnamishra[@] Please remove [ XYZ image or text] before emailing.