How to Pay BSNL Bill Online with Net Banking, Debit / Credit Card

How to Pay BSNL Bill Online with Net Banking, Debit / Credit Card

Now that most of stay online largely, it is important that we learn to pay our phone bills using the web too. It is highly convenient, quick, safe and hassle free by all means isn’t it? We are all anyways living a digital wave and it is indeed very important that we us the best of tools to make payment online.

Today in this blog post, let us talk about paying BSNL bills using our debit or credit cards or by using the net banking options. It is a government service provider and it had been tough to make its payments by visiting their approved centres that are indeed limited and only in major cities.

You can follow these process to Pay BSNL Bill Online with Net Banking, Debit / Credit Card

1st Step: Click Here at below 2 option

Second Step: Fill the required information as well

3rd & Final Step:Once submitted

Once submitted properly then you re-direct at payment gateway page, here you have choice you can select:

  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Credit Card

Confirm Your Bill paid successfully!!

Managing the bill payment by visiting the centres, standing in endless queues had always deterred most of us to use this government service provider, isn’t it? But thankfully you can now pay the bills online in the comfort of your home or office without worrying about anything else. This is one sure short way to cut down on the timer you spend and waste rather, while on the other hand you can manage the due dates better than ever before.

More people are opting towards online bill payments and it is indeed one of the most popular modes of bill payment these days.

  • It hardly takes any time
  • It is quick and extremely accessible
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and Reliable

Hence it is one of the most sorted choices for millions of BSNL users these days. The web had certainly reached even the more remote places in our country; hence its use is no more a fancy for most of us.

You can now either log on to the official BSNL website or make the payments online or on the other hand, you can use other web portals like Recharge 1 in order to make the payments with ease and complete convenience.

Once you register your BSNL mobile number on the web portals, you can easily entre the bill amount and priced towards making the payment. Most of the portals are available 24 x 7, so it is a matter of sheer convenience for sure.

So, enjoy your BSNL connection without any hassles or boundations, while you enjoy the power of paying your phone bills online, with ease, expediency and ease!


  • Please Check the Service Type selected
  • Enter a Valid Email id or Mobile No. or both to receive Payment Details.
  • Or Sign-in to manage your account.
  • Do not Attempt for Payment if amount is deducted from bank

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