Passport – Form, Price, Documents & How to Apply Off Line

Passport – Form, Price, Documents & How to Apply Off Line

Passport is Key Document for traveling in other country, This is a proof of CITIZEN Ship of India.

Getting a passport is just like winning a battle in our country. Although there are so many new ways and the online facility that has altogether made the application and the processing of the passports a lot easier, still until you have a valid one, right in your hands, this task looks bigger than it actually is!

These days people prefer opting for the online solutions, as it’s done under sheer convenience, ease and the processing is a lot quicker and simpler too. But still there is a large section of people who still wish to do all of this in person. Hence this is a blog, especially for them!

If in case you are looking forward to apply for a passport offline, please read the following:

You can pick up the form online or from any of the passport assistance centers. You can pick up the forms and submit them back in these:

  • District Passport Cell
  • Speed Post Centre
  • Citizen Service Centre


  • You must keep in mind that these centres are affiliated to issue as well as offer assistance for new passports. If in case you need re issues or renew done, you can opt for several other options.
  • You can easily get the best support regarding the application of a new passport, get your documents verified and also get the fee etc done, with ease and convenience.
  • After the basic formalities are done, the application then proceeds towards the next level of approval. This reaches the RPO-Regional Passport Office, further from here.
  • Here the rest of the crucial verification is performed. The police verification, address confirmation, printing, lamination etc is performed.

Once you have the right set of documents ready in hand with you, application online or offline hardly makes any difference. You can easily opt for any of the two, as per your choice. The application procedure does not make any specific difference in the issuance process, for sure.

You can also walk-in at the PSK centers for face to face interaction and drop your passport forms. Once you visit these centers, based in your urgency or genuine reasons to select from the application modes like Tatkal, Minors, Senior Citizens, handicapped etc to push the speed of your application in the right flow!

So, based upon your convenience and requirement, you can feel free to select the application procedure for a better and timely release of your passport.

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