Opting for Pre Employment Accounting Test is a better idea – why

Opting for Pre Employment Accounting Test is a better idea – why

Resumes, cover letters, and interviews are no longer sufficient enough for recruiters to gauge a candidate’s merit. These traditional ways of recruiting don’t often yield the best of results. One research indicates that around 80% of resumes feature misleading statements, while 45% contain fraudulent lies. Furthermore, one on one interviews are subjective and seem to be a poor judge of job performance. The recruiters face increasing difficulty in their evaluation process as both skills and job requirements are getting more technical than ever.

Pre-employment accounting tests are fast becoming the trend for recruiters for hiring accounting professionals. These tests allow the recruiters to sort the best from the rest of the job applicants.

Here’s a detailed list of benefits why you should add pre-employment tests to your hiring process.

  1. It can reduce the probability of bad hiring by cleaning out 50% of underqualified applicants.
  2. You are no longer wasting your resources on unnecessary elements that add to the expenses in low-value aspects of recruiting.
  3. You can improve your success rate in hiring by designing these carefully structured assessments.
  4. You will be able to leverage more productivity from your team by not engaging in unwanted activities anymore.
  5. You can keep your bias and personal preference away while recruiting, which can help in your decision-making.

Pre-employment accounting tests provide an equal playing field for all applicants who can prove their merit beyond their resumes. Additionally, it also allows job seekers for rapid screening to help them find the perfect job.

If you are still not convinced why you should adopt pre-employment accounting tests, here are a few reasons that may help you understand.

  1. It can help you in establishing a standard for staff recruitment
  2. Reduce the unnecessary expense on time, effort, and money spent on needless interviews
  3. You no longer need to train someone from scratch as you get the finished article
  4. You will get a detailed idea of the candidate- both his strengths and weaknesses, which might help your decision making
  5. You will be able to find professionals who fit your job requirements

Pre-employment tests come as cost-effective and efficient. Furthermore, it takes less than thirty minutes for an applicant to go through the test. It is best recommended to invest in pre-employment accounting tests if you want to hire the best professional market.

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