Old Age Pension Uttarakhand – How To Apply, Eligibility,Benefits

Old Age Pension Uttarakhand – How To Apply, Eligibility,Benefits

How To Apply, Eligibility, Benefits – Old Age Pension Uttarakhand

The Social Welfare Department of the Government of Uttarakhand in collaboration with Central Government provides a monthly pension for senior citizens of the state aged at least 60 and living below the poverty line. As per the old age pension scheme, the beneficiary receives Rs 1000/- per month. The state government contributes Rs 200/- while the Centre contributes Rs 800/-. In the case of beneficiaries aged 80 and above, the center provides Rs 500/- per month.

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Eligibility Criteria for Old age Pension


  • The applicant should be 60 years or more.
  • Monthly income of the applicant is below Rs 4000 or his/her family comes under the BPL category.
  • If the son or grandson of the applicant is aged 20 years and above but is living below the poverty line, then also the applicant is eligible.


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Documents Required: Old Age Pension


  • A certificate that the applicant is 60 years or above in age
  • BPL certificate
  • Certificate of monthly income from all sources



How to apply for an old-age pension under the scheme?


Candidates can apply online for the old-age pension scheme. The following steps need to be followed.



  • Click on “Online Pension” under “Civil Services” on the left-hand side of the screen.


  • A new window opens. Click on “Online Application” under “Civil Services”


  • Select the old-age pension scheme from the drop-down menu.


  • The online application appears on the screen.


  • Carefully fill the online application form.


  • Upload the required documents and the signatures of Gram Panchayat Development Officer and Village Head in case of rural area or Signature of Assistant Social Welfare Officer and Signature and Seal of Tehsildar in case of an urban area.

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Application status check


The whole process of filling and submitting the form is through online mode. This makes it very convenient for applicants since there is no need to physically visit the office.


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