Old Age Pension Tamil Nadu – How to Apply, Eligibility,Benefits

Old Age Pension Tamil Nadu – How to Apply, Eligibility,Benefits

How to Apply, Eligibility,Benefits for Old Age Pension Tamil Nadu?

At present in the state of Tamil Nadu, the old and destitute people are given financial aid to support their livelihood. This benefit is granted by the state government under Indra Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme.  IGNOAPS was launched in the year 2007 and since a certain fixed amount is being awarded to eligible candidates every month.

Eligibility Criteria for Old age Pension

  1. The person applying for the pension must be 65 years old or more and destitute
  2. Or the person should have completed 65 years of age and belong to BPL category
  3. The person applying for the pension must be the resident of the state of Tamil Nadu and should not be eligible to receive the pension for any other state in India
  4. Lastly, the person applying for the pension should possess any income or support for family members. Professional beggars and person having a property value above 5000 are excluded from the scheme.

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How to apply for a pension under the scheme?

Any old age person irrespective of the Gender and eligible for old-age pension has to submit an application form to either Tahsildar office, Taluk office or Grama Panchayat office. The application form for Old age pension can be availed at the above-mentioned office at free of cost.

On filling the application form by furnishing the correct details, the signed or thumb printed form must be submitted along with supporting documents like Aadhar card, BPL certificate and Passport size Photo (where necessary) to the Tahsildar/ special Tashildar office or Taluk office or Grama panchayat office.

The received form along with the documents will be verified and investigated by the Tahsildar appointed for the purpose. The pension will be granted only to those eligible candidates as approved by the concerned Tahsildar or special Tahsildar


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What are the benefits under the scheme?

Tough IGNOAPS is a central approved plan; the scheme is primarily implemented by the concerned state government with the aid and support of the central government. The Tamil Nadu state government is the responsibility for implementation, identification of destitute and disbursement of pension under the scheme. On successful completion of the verification process, the eligible candidates will receive a fixed sum every month as pension.

Currently, in the state of Tamil Nadu, the state government is giving a sum of rupees 1000 under the old-age pension scheme. Further, during festival months the state government in support of eligible candidates awards clothing to them as per their respective gender.

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