Naropa Fellowship, Application Process, Eligibility Criteria, Fees-Scholarship

Naropa Fellowship, Application Process, Eligibility Criteria, Fees-Scholarship

How To Apply for Naropa Fellowship Application Process, Eligibility Criteria, Fees-Scholarship

What is Naropa Fellowship?

Naropa fellowship is the fellowship offered by the Naropa Campus situated at Hemis, Ladakh to help the students and other professionals studying and working in different fields. Such a type of fellowship is easy to get by the student staying especially in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and other Himalayan regions across India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Since the fellowship is offered by Naropa Campus, it is known as a Naropa fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria:

As already mentioned, that those students who are staying in Ladakh and other Himalayan regions are much eligible to get this fellowship, other students and professionals staying in other states of India and other countries are still encouraged to apply for the same. But such a student should have some interest in entrepreneurship, travel and tourism, environmental problems, cultural conservation, etc. Also, students should have a strong academic record in their undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Purpose of Naropa fellowship:

Students, who are part of this fellowship, have to undergo one-year training in the field of developing and encouraging the new system in an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. But at the same time, students are focused to take of the cultural heritage of Ladakh and the Himalayan region. The main objective of this fellowship is not only preserving the talents of the local people but also to encourage some new entrepreneurial skills among them which will promote a stunning socio-economic environment in Ladakh and other Himalayan regions. This fellowship also focused to educate the youngsters about the need for preserving the old culture and tradition.

The Curriculum of Naropa fellowship:

The curriculum of Naropa fellowship includes the fellows or students of this fellowship to work in a live project that will concentrate various things such as entrepreneurship, society and culture, communication skills and personal development of the locals in Ladakh and the Himalayan regions. To work in this project, students will also get the best guidance from experienced professionals, academicians, and practitioners, etc. It was estimated more than 40 of India’s best experts are helping the students to work in this project.

How To Apply for Naropa fellowship?

When the students are found eligible, they can register on the official website and log into the account to fill the application form by uploading the necessary documents. Then they have to face an interview with the Naropa team, When they are good in their performance, then they will be selected by the team.

The fellowship invited students for the first time during September 2018 and almost 40 of the total 50 students selected in this fellowship to get the scholarship of worth 10,00,000 INR.

Thus, to preserve the cultural heritage of Ladakh and the surrounding regions along with economic growths, this Naropa fellowship serves the best option.

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