Mahindra Furio Truck, Weight, Tires, Safety & Performance

Mahindra Furio Truck, Weight, Tires, Safety & Performance

Furio is the beginner tonnage variant of Mahindra’s truck variants. Mahindra launched the Furio series in mid- 2019 in the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle segment. This truck pivots around customers buying in order to cater to the growing e-commerce logistics, FMCG, appliances, and industrial segment. This series has given Mahindra a formidable range of trucks.


With a high payload guaranteed, Mahindra’s new line of Furio trucks are sure to transform the logistics and transport industry in India. Furio range is designed with utmost elegant looking features ensuring top performance. This series surely makes Mahindra a full ICV player with various variants catering to additional requirements of the customers.


Mahindra Furio Truck.


The GVW of Mahindra’s Furio 14 is 14050 kg. With the body so heavy, one can make sure that the truck is reliable and break-proof. The truck’s make up is as such that it promises utmost comfort and huge storage space without being feared of any damages when hit or banged by another vehicle.  It has different body length options available – 19 ft, 20 ft, 22 ft and 24 ft.



The Mahindra Furio Truck has 6 tires, and the dimension of each is 8.25*20.

With a dimension like that, these tires can ensure to perform no matter which group they are being driven upon. The truck’s tires are tubeless and broad. Such tires make off-roading an easy task to do without worrying about the bursting and a damaged tube. It comes with two variations – one is with cabin and chassis and second one is with cabin with load body.



Mahindra took a lot of thinking while designing the Furio Truck, which makes the truck the one-stop solution to all your safety concerns. Be it high terrains or the raw roads of underdeveloped cities, the safety package that it has introduced has proven to be unbeatable. There are seat belts for every seat, Parking Brakes are installed for additional frictional support. .



The truck is equipped with a high- performing engine and an inbuilt MDI Tech by Mahindra. The engine has 4 cylinders, and these cylinders generate 138 hp of power at 525 Nm of torque. It is also facilitated with a fuel- smart technology that ensures higher mileage. Complimenting that, the truck is equipped with a large fuel tank that is of 190L in size. You can also opt for a smaller size of 160L. It can give you the highest speed of 80 kmph. Fuel tank comes with 2 different capacities – 160 litres and 190 litres.

Those are a few specifications that give an upper hand to the Mahindra Furio Truck over its rivals.

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