IPL controversies-Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard come close to punching each other

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IPL controversies-Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard

IPL is the world’s biggest cricket event organized every year in India.  Many star players of the world are participating in this tournament. Two-star player of the same team, that West Indies. One is Kieron Pollard and another is Dwayne Bravo, they both get involved in the controversy during the Indian Premier League game taken place between Gujarat Lions and Mumbai Indians.

They both came to almost punching each other at that time.The ugly scene broke out in the last ball of the 14th over after Dwayne Bravo dismissed Jos Buttler on a score of 33 to break the 75-run stand between him and Nitish Rana.

After all this, Pollard stopped Bravo from bowling a delivery as he was not ready. When Pollard blocked the next ball, Bravo picked it up on his follow through and pushed himself up close to Pollard. The Mumbai Indians player was unfazed by Bravo’s antics and held his bat in a manner that suggested he would hit Bravo.

However, the duo revealed later that it was just friendly banter and there was nothing to be taken seriously from the incident.

IPL Controversies List of Images – Pollard Vs Bravo

Video – IPL Controversies List of Video – Pollard Vs Bravo

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