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India’s Top 10 Big/Famouse Zoo, Best Zoos in India

If you are planning for the visit in Zoo in Delhi, Pune, Chennai anywhere in India, You should know about who is the best ZOO in India in terms of Area, No of Animals & species available today in 2017. In our blog post you further read who is best & largest ZOO in India Also we try to research all over India largest Zoo as many parameters than finalize the list below.

No-1. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Arignar Anna Zoological Park (Vandalur Zoo)

  1. Zoo entrance date opened: 1855 (as Madras Zoo)
  2. Location: Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India
  3. Land area: 1,300 acres
  4. Website: www.aazoopark.in
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Arignar Anna Zoological Park (also known as the Vandalur Zoo, is a zoological garden located in Vandalur, a suburb in the southwestern part of Chennai, India, about 31 kilometres (19 mi) from the city centre and 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Chennai Airport on GST Road.

No-2. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Nandankanan Zoological Park

  1. Date opened: 1960
  2. Location: Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
  3. Land area: 400 ha (990 acres)
  4. Website: www.nandankanan.org
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Nandankanan Zoological Park is a 400-hectare (990-acre) zoo and botanical garden in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. Established in 1960, it was opened to the public in 1979 and became the first zoo in India to join World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) in 2009.

No-3. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

  1. Gharial eating a fish
  2. Date opened: 1977
  3. Land area: 625 acres (18 ha)
  4. Location: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is located amidst Kambalakonda Reserve Forest in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. This Zoological Park is named after The Former Prime Minister Of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It was declared open to the public on 19 May 1977. It covers an area of 625 acres (2.53 km2).

No-4. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden

  1. Date opened: 1863
  2. Location: Junagadh, Gujarat, India
  3. Land area: 200 hectares (490 acres)
  4. Short Description of Zoo – Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden also known as Sakkarbaug Zoo or Junagadh Zoo is a 200-hectare (490-acre) zoo that opened in 1863 at Junagadh, Gujarat, India. The zoo provides purebred Asiatic lions for the Indian and the international endangered species captive breeding program for the critically endangered species.

No-5. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Nehru Zoological Park

  1. Date opened: 6 October 1963
  2. Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, IN
  3. Land area: 380 acres (150 ha)
  4. Website: www.hyderabadzoo.in
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Nehru Zoological Park is a 380 acres (150 ha) zoo located near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is one of the three most visited destinations in Hyderabad. Zoo hours vary by season, and the zoo is closed on Mondays.

No-6. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Mysore Zoo (Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden)

  1. Date opened: 1892
  2. Location: Mysore, India
  3. Land area: 245 acres (99 ha)
  4. Website: www.mysorezoo.info
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Mysore Zoo is a 245-acre (99 ha) zoo located near the palace in Mysore, India. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in Southern India, and is home to a wide range of species. Mysore Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It was established under royal patronage in 1892, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world.

No-7. LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Delhi Zoo, National Zoological Park

  1. Date opened: 1959
  2. Location: Delhi, India
  3. Land area: 176 acres (71 ha)
  4. Website: www.nzpnewdelhi.gov.in
  5. Short Description of Zoo – The National Zoological Park is a 176-acre zoo near the Old Fort in Delhi, India. The zoo is home to about 1350 animals representing almost 130 species of animals and birds from around the world.

No-8 LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

  1. Date opened: 1999
  2. Location: Pune, India
  3. Land area: 165 acres (67 ha)
  4. Website: www.punezoo.gov.in
  5. Short Description of Zoo – The Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, commonly known as the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, is located in Katraj near the city of Pune in India. It is managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The 165-acre zoo is divided into 3 parts: an animal orphanage, a snake park, and a zoo, and includes a 42-acre (17 ha) lake (Katraj lake).

No-9 LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

  1. Date opened: 1973
  2. Location: Patna, Bihar, India
  3. Land area: 152.95 acres (61.90 ha)
  4. Website: forest.bih.nic.in/SGBPark.htm
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan (also known as Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden or Patna Zoo) is located near Bailey Road in Patna, Bihar, India. The park was opened to the public as a zoo in 1973, and is one of the largest zoos in South Asia. The park is Patna’s most frequented picnic spot, with 36,000 visitors on New Year’s Day alone in 2011.

No-10.  LARGEST ZOO IN INDIA – Lucknow Zoo

  1. Date opened: 1921
  2. Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
  3. Land area: 71.6 acres (29.0 ha)
  4. Website: lucknowzoo.in
  5. Short Description of Zoo – Lucknow Zoo is a 71.6-acre (29.0 ha) zoo located in the heart of the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. The Central Zoo Authority of India categorizes it as a large zoo.

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