How to File FIR or Complaint Online Delhi Police

How to File FIR or Complaint Online Delhi Police

If you are facing any types of offense in Delhi and try to register complaint without going to police station, Now the solutions is online delhi police complaint portal. Directly you can make FIR against the offender.

Police Report of Article/Document Lost in Delhi

  1. Open Delhi police website –
  2. Click at your Online Complaint Lodging System for Economic and Cyber Offences 

Simple fill the given fields below in image and submit-

Police Report of Article/Document Lost in Delhi

  1. Complainant’s Name*
  2. Father’s/Mother’s Name*
  3. Complainant’s Address*
  4. Complainant’s Mobile Number
  5. Complainant’s Email ID*
  6. Place of Loss in Delhi*
  7. Date of Loss – *    *
  8. Time of Loss (if known) – HH : MM :
  9. Lost Articles Description – **
  10. ADD Any Other Details:


  1.  This application is for lodging report of Article/Document lost in Delhi.
  2.  Report lodged under this application is not a subject matter for enquiry/investigation.
  3.  In case loss is due to theft or any other crime, contact nearest Police Station.
  4.  False report to Police is a punishable offence.

As per today 4th-Jan-2017 record  – Alok Kumar Verma, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Delhi – You can directly  Message any special information or any thing else.

Important Delhi police Contact Numbers:

  • PCR : 100 (24X7) (Toll Free)
  • Eyes and Ears : 1090 (Toll Free)
  • Women in distress : 1091
  • Special Cell (North-Eastern States) : 1093
  • Missing Persons : 1094, 23241210
  • Traffic : 1095, 25844444
  • Senior Citizen : 1291
  • Vigilance : 1064

Things You Should Know About Process of FIR Complaint Online Delhi Police: ^CLICK HERE


Whispered Process of FIR Complaint Online Delhi Police Secrets

Most do not need to work, and there’s little a business can do about it! The reason we provide our info providers with this info is so they can assess the response their articles are receiving and offer you information about their goods and solutions. The principal reason being that people continue to be unaware and unsure of the way to access the facility. The internet complaint registration facility is just available in Mumbai. Construction is among the most significant industry of the area and has rather essential part to play. The project will probably be implemented by March 2012.

Work visa is issued dependent on the size of business and its capital. If in the event you have lost any one among these certificate then you may apply for FIR practice. It doesn’t provide for internet registration of complaints. Knowing application deadlines in addition to academic guidelines of certain colleges is vital as these facets will differ among every academic institution.

Complaints might consist of coverage issues, claim disputes, premium problems, sales misrepresentations, policy cancellations, refunds, etc.. Open the OCR Complaint Portal and pick the type of complaint you want to file. Complaint is usually made by the individual against whom the offence was committed. Written complaint needs to be taken. The criminal complaint thus contributes to the criminal prosecution of the individual who’s made to handle the criminal trial. In Maharashtra, the internet complaint can be submitted only in Mumbai. After it’s registered, the complainant is qualified for a copy at no cost.

If You have Any Questions regarding This Then Go To Frequently Asked Questions

The officer there’ll go through the contents, append the essential IPC sections, and register an official FIR. Further, in extraordinary conditions, where police will not submit an FIR, the court might take suo moto cognizance of the offence and could direct the authorities to submit the FIR for the issue to be investigated. The police is necessary to send the. He is required to send the. Please don’t use this option if loss is a result of theft another crime. Other than this, the other explanation is corruption.

In such instances, your file cannot be cleared, unless the circumstances are cleared by the courts. You should attach the necessary documents with your application form. These letters cover various places, where one ought to grant responsibilities and authority to someone. Should you need to compose an official letter wherein you should deal with a person you haven’t ever met, the letter has to be framed correctly.

Should youn’t wish to experience the process of an FIR but simply inform the authorities, you can do that too. During the whole process of investigation, there’s an established procedure regarding the victims from some other nations and we’re following that, said Pathak. This procedure is very easy and effortless. The prior checkout system wasn’t efficient as it did not clearly indicate in case an item was billed or not. When an Imei device on the black list is utilized to create a call, law enforcement can know about it immediately.  Should you be a mobile phone user then this is vital read for you.

Give you any details that you desire. Authentic information ought to be mentioned in FIR. The info shouldn’t be the very same as mentioned above. Once it has been recorded by the police, it must be signed by the person giving the information. So it’s not on every info that a number of persons are conspiring to do an illegal act an F.I.R. ought to be registered. This site takes every fair precaution to safeguard our users information. This internet site comprises links to other websites.

Ruthless Process of FIR Complaint Online Delhi Police Strategies Exploited

The debut in the very first paragraph of the letter is extremely important. The explanation has to be satisfactory and acceptable. The logical answer is… it’s to qualify you for the massive payment when you escape from the pyramid. Like Ranjani, the majority of us don’t understand what to do next in situations in this way. It’s your right to receive it free of cost. Thus it’s not sustained. With social networks, it is a bit trickier.

Any individual, with an understanding of the happening of cognizable offence.  The low levels utilized in the majority of cosmetics aren’t generally considered harmful. An important increase in hair fall, right after the keratin therapy, is a typical complaint with several people.

You don’t need to decide about complaining straight away. It’s a deplorable circumstance. Hence you have to be ready for such a circumstance. Any person has the ability to file a complaint and it’s not essential that only an aggrieved person has the ability to file a complaint. It needs to be recorded in first individual. His buddies console him telling they would definitely be one of both teams selected. As its name suggests, an FIR is the initial complaint that somebody files with the police concerning a cognizable offence.

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