How to File FIR / Complaint Online Kolkata Police

How to File FIR / Complaint Online Kolkata Police

There are simple process to register a complain to Kolkata Police, we are a writer try to cover process and procedure how to register your complain easily.

Follow below process –

#1: Open official website of Kolkata police –

#2: Click at : Report a Crime –

In many cases Kolkata Police solves a crime with the help of phone calls from people like you. You can call the Lalbazar Control Room on 2250-5000, 2214-3230, or 2214-3024 to give vital information so the victims can get some kind of justice.


Minor crime committed in Kolkata can also be reported over the Internet as long as an urgent response is not required. The system is designed to forward information to the relevant police force.

You can fill Detail about the Crime: ****

Tell us how to get in touch with you with below detail:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Police Station
  4. Phone
  5. E-mail
  6. Captcha
  7. Submit

Kolkata Police – 160 Years of Service, The pace of change is breathtaking. The challenges are exciting. Kolkata Police has the courage to face them. And the vision. We are preparing for the future with new skills. New technologies. New attitudes. We won’t just stand at ease. It’s forward march to a great tomorrow. In step with the citizens of Kolkata. Keeping pace with the world.

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7000 shall be qualified to move until the AGP/GP. They actually spend the merchandise in the rear of the shop and destroy the merchandise. I may also recommend certain products for you to search for based on your requirements. A great deal of materials related to this topic together with proofs are offered in the net. It is my hope that this wasn’t an entire waste of mental energy. Construction is among the most essential industry of the area and has rather crucial part to play. Usually one wants to stop by the police station to submit a complaint or an FIR.

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A case was filed, and an in depth probe is on. It has been registered by the Kamakshipalya police, who are conducting a detailed inquiry. In Maharashtra, the internet complaint can be submitted only in Mumbai. Alternatively, she is able to record the statement with no more than one police officer and woman constable in a handy place that’s not crowded and doesn’t supply any chance of the statement being overheard by a fourth individual. I am able to go on but I only wanted to say this before the principal article. Just since you can locate a site to say what you would like to hear, I can do something similar. Below I have listed some measures to be taken into consideration before settling your card.

File FIR Complaint Online Kolkata Police Explained

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