How to Check Voter ID Status in All India

How to Check Voter ID Status in All India

               Check Voter ID Card Status Online

Once you apply for brand new voter ID card than how you can get status, what is the current status of my Voter ID card. Same question with our mind also than i decide suppose we are suffering this problem than many people suffering same issue, Now we share you how to track the status of your voter ID,  The government of India has recently created a website exclusively for Voter ID information, wherein you can find all details related to your application.

The online tracking of your Voter ID has been made very simple and you just need to visit the official website of the election commission of the respective state. The information that you will enter online to attain the status of your Voter ID should match the information you filled during the application. Any mismatch or errors would not give you the correct status of your card and may lead to a failed result.

Steps To Know Your Voter ID Card Status

  • Log on to the national voter’s service portal:
  • Enter ‘Reference ID’ that you got at the time of Voter ID Registration & Form No.
  • Click on ‘Track Status’ (Voter ID Status).
  • The status of your Voter ID will be displayed on the screen.

The steps to be followed for checking the status of Voter ID in UP:

  • Log in to the electoral CEO official website.
  • Select the tab that says ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrollment’. Once you click on this link, a window opens asking for some basic details of the form such as the Form number.
  • Correctly fill in all the required details.
  • You can also select the national voters service portal and click on the Tab that says ‘Search your Name in electoral roll’


Once the link opens, you can track your application in two ways:


    1. Using your application number or the unique EPIC number: There is an option in the website where you can enter the EPIC number and your state number and the search will display your name and EPIC card number.
    1. State or District Constituency wise search: You need to enter your name, the state you are in and the district constituency you belong to, along with other details. The Search result will display your Voter ID card status.

You must correctly fill in the following details, while looking for Voter ID status online:

  1. Name
  2. Father’s or Husband’s name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Gender
  5. State Name
  6. District Constituency

However, sometimes the website faces issues and may crash or give out error messages. You can always re-enter your details and recheck.

Once all the details are entered, click on the Search button.

  • 1.) Your Voter ID is then displayed in a pop-up window. Ensure your browser is not set to block pop-ups./li>
  • 2.) After verification of the voter ID card application, you will be able to view the voter card number as well as the e-Seva centre number.
  • 3.) Using the above two numbers, you can obtain your updated/new Voter ID card at the respective e-Seva centre.
  • 4.) You can also leave a comment with your doubt and wait for someone from the technical team of the website to respond.
  • 4.) India consists of 29 states and each state has an electoral office or election commission of its own. Therefore, each state has its respective official CEO website, where you can find details of your Voter’s ID application.

More Important ways You can track: You can also locate the area by using the map on the search page


Once you have entered all the required details, the search result will provide you with various types of useful information listed below:

1.Find your respective polling station.

2.Download or print voter information slip.

3.Apply for address change.

4.Find your Booth Level Officer (BLO) and Electoral Roll Officer (ERO).

5.Find District Election Officials and officials in Chief Election Office.

You can also carry out a national electoral search by sending a SMS to NVSP provided numbers. Please refer to NVSP’s website for various guidelines concerning the voter ID card.

Other Information As Also Like

Get List of the states in India with respective website for tracking Voter ID card status:

1.Andhra Pradesh (AP)

2.Telangana (TG)

3.Assam (AS)

4.Arunachal Pradesh

5.Goa (GA)

6.Gujarat (GJ)

7.Bihar (BR)

8.Haryana (HR)

9.Himachal Pradesh (HP)

10.Jammu and Kashmir (JK)

11.Karnataka (KA)

12.Kerala (KL)

13.Madhya Pradesh (MP)

14.Maharashtra (MH)

15.Manipur (MN)

16.Mizoram (MZ)

17.Odisha (OR)

18.Punjab (PB)

19.Rajasthan (RJ)

20.Sikkim (SK)

21.Tamil Nadu (TN)

22.Uttar Pradesh (UP)

23.West Bengal (WB)

24.Delhi (DL)



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