Himachal Land Records – View Land Records online , Stamp Duty & Registration Fee

Himachal Land Records – View Land Records online , Stamp Duty & Registration Fee

How to check the land records Himachal Pradesh – View Land Records, Online, Stamp Duty & Registration Fee

Himachal is situated in the Western Himalayas.  It is a tourist attraction and is a place that is considered as a paradise for nature lovers.  There are a lot of places that are unexplored in Himachal. However, you can now access the land records for places in Himachal which includes the three divisions of the state Viz Mandi, Kangra and Shimla, and its various sub-divisions can be accessed easily online.

Land records administration- the hierarchy

The 55673 sq Kms of the Himachal is made up of 12 districts within the three divisions in the state as mentioned above and has about 110 Tehsils. The class of officers  who exercise control and supervision  over the land in these divisions includes

  • Financial commissioner (revenue)
  • Divisional Commissioners of the three major divisions
  • Collector or deputy commissioners
  • Assistant collector of 1st grade
  • Assistant collector of 2nd grade
  • The nodal officer for the state who is also the director of land records

The role of the revenue department in Himacahal

The revenue department handles the job of

  • maintenance of various records and updation of the same
  • implementing the laws and policies that are announced by the government from time to time.
  • Land survey work
  • Land settlement

Maintenance of land records in Himachal

The land records were maintained manually until recently. Now, the land records have been computerized.  However, the land records are maintained in compliance with the manner specified under section 31-37 of HimachalLand revenue Act.  The elaborate procedures for making new records in case of a new settlement as well as periodical settlement too has been laid down.

The documents maintained by the revenue department (manual/computerized)

  • Shajra Nasb/ pedigree table
  • Records of rights /Jamabandi
  • Mutation register/Intkal
  • Harvest inspection register/ Khasra Girdwari register
  • Field map/khatoni
  • The village, Tehsil and district notebook /Lal Kitab.

How to check land records in Himachal?

The computerization of the land records of Himachal has been developed by NIC in association with the revenue department of Himachal. You can now access the land records for the three major divisions, 12 sub-divisions and all the major Tehsils of the districts online at Himachal.nic.in

Steps for accessing the records

  • Open the official website
  • Click on the “View your Land Records online” option in the dropdown menu under the e-services head.
  • Select the district, tehsil or village where your land is located and select the record year as well
  • Select any one of the options from  Khewat, Khatauni or Khasra depending on your requirement
  • Save the land records report or Jamabandi Nakal.

You can also get a certified copy of the  jamabandi or the shajra nasb  by contacting the nearest  Tehsil center, Lok Mitra Kendra or the concerned patwari

Computerization has eased the process of maintaining and obtaining land records in Himachal. However, there are few hiccups in the form of lack of internet connectivity which might necessitate a lengthy process to obtain the records.

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