How to Get Ticket or Passes for Big Boss Reality Show

How to Get Ticket or Passes for Big Boss Reality Show

We all are hooked over reality television more than anything else on TV. A large section of the Indian population gets hooked over to the reality shows more than the fiction series that are always on display. One of the most happening and controversial one of the lot is the Big Boss!

There is nothing that is not extraordinary about this show, for sure. Starting from the handsome host Salman Khan, to the amazing script of making the inmates share their lives and days trapped in a house that looks splendid and vibrant. The TRPs keep soaring season after season, while we love watching everything in Big Boss since almost a decade now.( Also Read – Bigg Boss 10 5th January 2017 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App: Watch the episode live here)

Big Boss was a show that indeed elevated the standards of Colors channel and has millions of fans looking forward to the show, each season to watch their favorite celebrities living a simple life, reacting naturally, cooking, talking, fighting, loosing and winning.

So, if in case you are a Big Boss buff and wish to watch the live screenings of the studio, this one is certainly for you all.

  • You can participate in the audiences, have a closer look at the dashing Salman and the dazzling inmates of the house, ask questions and get a glimpse of the show that has been put for the audiences, live!

This is certainly not a cake walk at all. There are many scams running online and at the venue too. Since the Big Boss set is based in Lonavala, there are many who set up a money making show there, selling live participation in return of money. But Big Boss or colors does not support any of the same, undoubtedly.

  • You can get really lucky if in case you have someone working in the shooting team. Be it junior or senior artists, who work at the shoot, might be able to arrange a seat for you.
  • Rest you can buy the tickets as and when they are on Bookmyshow! This is the most authentic and safe way to claim your presence at the show.

Apart from these two options, we advise you, not to fall prey to any scammers selling tickets to you. There are no legitimate vendors doing so from the Big Boss team or Colors channel.

And if you aren’t really getting any luck, juts grab some popcorn and enjoy the show in the comfort of your living room!

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