How to Download / Get Duplicate Pan Card?

How to Download / Get Duplicate Pan Card?

Download Duplicate PAN Card

Holding a valid Pan card is a basic requirement is in case you wish to sustain the legalities of the government. A pan card is indeed one of the most crucial proofs of your identity, authenticates your earnings and also is a reliable document that certifies your existence in India.

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But just in case you have lost or misplaced your pan card, this will be a guide to get yourself a new one issued. You can easily get a duplicate card within no time, once you follow the rights steps and path:

As it is, we are all living in the era of digitalization and downloading authentic documents is no more a task for us. This guide shall enable you to perform the required steps and help you obtain a copy of your pan card in order to continue its optimal use.

PAN has already come online, while there are several facilities to apply, download or verify a pan online. Hence you can choose through a couple of options in order to strike your requirements through. You can download a duplicate PAN card online, within no time at all. This is a facility and featured provided by the Indian Govt. in order to make things easier for you.

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But just in case you’re old PAN card is not getting downloaded, you can opt for getting a duplicate one issued in your name. In order to apply for the same, you would simply need your PAN number. Also be updated that the details of the card would all remain same, the card would simply be re-issued.

But, just in case, you wish to make any necessary changes in the vitals on the card, this is the exact platform to get the same done. Pan would now be updated and you can easily use it with your taxes, identity and much more.

Steps to follow:

  • In order to obtain a new Pan card, you need to fill in the form to ask for a duplicate bill.
  • Now your scenario would be further moved in order to re-check on the vitals and verify the same.
  • The status of your application, tracing details, summary and many more vital details shall be on display.
  • Press the changes in the correction tab if in case you are looking forward to any sort of corrections.
  • Please submit after you are done with entering all the vital details. You can expect to receive the Pan card in about 15-20 days.
  • The PAN shall be delivered at your given address.

This is certainly a sure short way of applying for a duplicate PAN card!

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