How to Contact / Meet Anurag Thakur BCCI President

How to Contact / Meet Anurag Thakur BCCI President

Cricket is just like fever it is spread across and grouped millions and billions of fans in India. It is more of a national sport, custom, tradition and so much more out here. The affection and the special place, a cricket match holds in the place of Indians, is surreal and super exciting.

However like any other sport, cricket also tastes its triumph and the lows, eventually in matches and amongst players. Supporters have big mouths and a game is a game at the end of the day, without any doubt. So, its skill, technique, sheer luck and so much more that comes in to play, on the pitch, for sure.

Anurag Thakur is the BCCI President and one of the popular name sin the sphere of cricket and matches. No doubt cricket and official work keeps him super busy all through his working days. There could eb end number of reason, as to why you wish to meet him in person or connect to him via other means like email, phone or fax.

Here are a few ways listed in order to meet him or contact him:

  • You can meet him directly in his Mumbai office with a prior appointment. The office can arrange a meet with prior information, carrying the reason to meet him too.
  • His office is based at the Wankhede Stadium at Churchgate.
  • Anurag Thakur is also reachable at any of his rallies or campaigns. Being an active name in the Indian politics too, he stands a great chance of public appearances, pretty often.
  • There are local leaders to support him at his rallies and you can get in touch with them in order to connect further.
  • There is a certain practical set by the local police, considering the huge crowd that surrounds him at such campaigns.
  • You can simply follow on and get in touch with him at any of such public appearances.

Here is the vital contact detail that you would need in order to form a prior set up. This would also increase your chances to meet him, while being sure to strike through the crowd. The common man could have end number of reasons to get in touch with him, applaud for him and wish him or anything for that matter.


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