Complaint Against Police Officer in India & How to File FIR Against Police Officer in India

Complaint Against Police Officer in India & How to File FIR Against Police Officer in India

Complaint Against Police

When the people who are kept on duty to protect you get in to illegal and suspicious activities, things become tough, people feel cheated while the pressure of raising voice against the law haunts them to the core, undoubtedly.

There could be several incidents that the police might be a part of, pressurizing and annoyance to any common man for that matter. A police officer is made to join hid duty after taking the pledge to do his duties right and shield any common individual, irrespective of the incident or the help required. ( Also Read – How to File FIR or Complaint Online Delhi Police)

But there could be times the officer himself might not fulfill his duty to serve the nation and might under several sort of pressures turn dishonest. He might start suing his powers for the wrong reasons. But the law of the country is equal for all and treats all with the same strictness and conduct. ( Also Read – Top 10 Largest Statues in Asia 2017)

This give very common the authority to take charge in such situations, step out and complain against any particular police officer. There is a specialized section known as the PCA. This cell is structured in order to offer help and guide the common man to put forward any sort of complaint against any particular police officer.

They carry the right set of power to exercise your right to complain against the police, of course after through intervention and inspection. The victim, his or her friends or relatives carry the power and the right to put the complaint against the police here. ( Also Read – Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India)

Here is a set of a few guidelines that can be followed in order to put across a complaint with ease, convenience and no hassles:

  • There is a certain set of documents required by the PCA, in order to function well and perform the right steps.
  • Documents required might range from medical reports, proofs, evidences, entries etc. These could be any documents that prove the flaw and the unfaithful nature of the police.
  • The FIR can be lodged if in case there is a death, injury, rape, custodial charges, theft, physical or mental torture, extortion etc.
  • This shall be followed by a set of a procedure that must be followed in order to ensure the FIR reaches the right people at the right time.
  • The details like names, address, contact details, narration of the incident, witnesses, paperwork, etc.

The above mentioned details can be forwarded to the PCS via email, fax or call. They also have their cell office at Vikas Bhawan, I P Estate, New Delhi.

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