How a Common Man Can Reduce Pollution

How a Common Man Can Reduce Pollution

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Pollution is not a concern or a problem for one person in particular. It is largely a concern for many and all. Undoubtedly we are all equal bearers of the blame and have put in our individual bit into making things worst for our own survival.

Hence we all need to individually stand up against the root causes and treat the problem by its root. When we all will take this initiative individually and offer our own bits, things would indeed change for the good, of course. ( Also Read – How to Reduce Air, Water, and Land Pollution )

But sadly when we consider a problem this big and dramatic, we indeed end up thinking that we alone cannot make a difference and neither strikes the chord right. But if in case all of us demand a change in the atmosphere and are ready to bring about a change, the time is ideal right now.

Pollution is a burning concern for many countries, all across the globe. Hence each individual must stand up towards eradicating the root causes, offer their bit and hence enjoy a beautiful place to live. This would indeed not happen overnight and would definitely require some sincere efforts, but if you’re on, then the game will surely win! ( Also Read – Top 10 Most Polluted Countries in the World )

Step-1: Recognizing the cause

Now that we all know that the problem is severe, on a high alert and alarming. But walking down the path to get to the root of this problem is what the need of the hour is. Once you know the real deal, plan for the betterment and take the right initiative, things would surely improve for the better.

So, be it air pollution, pollution in water or land pollution, it is integral to get to the root cause of it and offer the following solutions in order to ease out the pressure from it.

Once you are aware of the source, you can plan to take the required steps in order to eradicate the problem and take the required steps. ( Also Read Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India )

Step-2: Spreading Awareness

Most of us have given in the situation completely. We know the danger zone and the warning pollution stats; still we are indeed least bothered to take any wise steps towards eradicating the problem. Awareness and its after ill effects must be well spread in order to generate the required amount of participation at the ground level, where each of us gets ready to pool in our bits.

Identifying the areas of concern, we must then spread some common anti-pollution aspects that would help in dealing with the problems by its roots.

Step-3: Monitoring

Yes, we simply cannot take a step and then completely forget it. Pollution is a part of our lives now and hence it requires daily efforts, cautious planning as well as regular monitoring. Pollution, be it on the land, in water or the air, is generated every single minute of the day. Therefore it requires constant participating, regular follow-ups, daily monitoring etc in order to be curbed well and dealt vigilantly at an individual level.



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