BSNL Malware Attack – Asks net users to do top 10 Solutions

BSNL Malware Attack – Asks net users to do top 10 Solutions

Telecom operator BSNL today, Asks net users to do top 10 Solutions.

State-claimed telecom administrator BSNL on Thursday said it has prompted broadband clients to change the default system password after an area of its broadband framework was hit by a malware assault recently.

The malware assault affected about approx 2,000 broadband modems, where supporters had not changed default password “administrator”.

“The circumstance has been routed as it were. We are promoting clients that they ought to instantly change their passwords, and they ought not to be stressed over utilizing broadband once they have done that,” BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava told PTI.

He said that the malware has not affected BSNL’s center system, charging or whatever another framework.

Shrivastava said that amid the assault, malware was changing the passwords of clients (the individuals who were utilizing administrator as a password) thus the influenced modems were not able login.

This assault happened not long ago, he stated, including BSNL get focuses were proactively contacting clients to alarm them, and exhort them about careful steps.


  1. Change your default password
  2. No more unathletic login
  3. No password sharing to others
  4. Install Firewall
  5. Install Antivirus Software
  6. Install Anti-Spyware Software
  7. Use Complex and Secure Passwords
  8. Check on the Security Settings of the Browser
  9. Keep system organized
  10. Say good bye to pornography and un legal site


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