Bhulekh Odisha – Orissa Online Land Records – [2019 Update]

Bhulekh Odisha – Orissa Online Land Records – [2019 Update]

Odisha is very historical city of India and his land is very glorious, now we all are leaving in digital world and we have to require all the information in digital. Now the things is Odisha Govt. made all the land record online at, if you have a land in Odisha you can check your land record in single click with required small detail about your land. This is good news for who are struggling for land record document in Govt. Office.

There is tradition in Govt. office if you have required small document related to your land it will take 2-3 days normally due to there are lot of permission and manual searching process is going and sometimes they are asking for extra money for providing these detail document. Now the solution of all the problem here you can easily get information of your land.

There are many advantages here in order to checking land record online the main advantage of checking the land records is that you are able to induce transparency in the deal. With the help of all these details  people are also able to avoid land frauds which could have otherwise lot of case regular register for land fraud . If you want checking the details also ensures that you are getting a legit detail while you are purchasing the property.

How you can check the detail? Get Online Procedure – Odisha Land Records

You can follow the steps listed below to check all the details.

Step 1: The process starts by visiting the website for the Bhulekh Odisha. The official website for this task is and once you visit the website, you will be able to start the process of checking the land records.

Step 2: There are two major options on the website and these are Map View and RoR View. We would recommend you to click on RoR view here but you can toggle between the two modes easily.

Step 3: Under the RoR view, enter the details such as District, Tehsil, Village, Khatiyan and the RI Circle. You will need to enter the same details even if you get into Map View. You would also need to make a selection between Khatiyan, Plot or Tenant. This option is available in the form of a radio

Step 4: Once you have entered all the details, click on the RoR Front Page button. You will be redirected to a new page and all the details will be displayed here. You can then move on to RoR back page and you will be able to fetch more details regarding the same.

These Online Portal provide other information also you can check it now.

Land Record Web Portal of Odisha is a very basic portal which offers information only about the land records. The portal has 2 modes which are RoR view and Tehsil View. Apart from this, the portal can also be used to find Tehsil Information. These are the basic services offered via this portal. If you wish to obtain any other service then you would need to visit the department and obtain the same. There are plans to digitalize all these services in future but it can take time.

All the detail information is all about checking the land records in Odisha.  If want to buy land in Odisha, You must check the land records in Odisha before entering in the land deal. If you plan for land in Odisha and you the buyer and if you have any discrepancy in land then this is a red sign for you and you need to be cautious in the deal.

Most important for who are an owner and if you notice any discrepancy in your land record details on the website then do not panic and simply contact the Concerned Tehsildar and you can show your original document, khatiyoni. Another Option you can also contact the Director of Land Records and Survey which falls under the Board of Revenue in Cuttack,Odisha, India. Simple you can making the required corrections as required show in supportive document.

I hope this information will help you to get your land detail in single click with respective detail.

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