Best Tequila Brands in India Price & Details

Best Tequila Brands in India Price & Details

Price & Details Best Tequila Brands in India

Tequila, the most happening and sort out alcoholic drink among youngsters. Tequila is made from a plank known as blue agave. The roots of tequila manufacturing can be traced back to Mexico, in specific to a city called Tequila, located in the highlands of state Jalisco.
Tequila is more of mood setter for party animals, usually, people drink this liquid in shot glasses with lime or salt on the side. The Indian market in one of the biggest outsources for tequila.
Are you in a mood for some exotic drink this season? Then try the best Tequila brands, the list is mentioned below.

Top Tequila brands in India

Montejima Reposado

Montejima Reposado is made from the best available agave plant from Jalisco. The quality of agave used in making this tequila can be sensed in the taste. Montejima Reposado was launched in the year 2010 and it is an all-time favorite among Indians, which contains an outstanding blend of vanilla and wood, adding a rich taste to it. The best part of Montejima Reposado is that the liquid is stored in Oak barrels for 2 months giving it a deep and intense taste. The exotic flavor of this tequila makes it ideal for making a cocktail.

Blue Head Blanco

The word Blanco means white, blue head brand tequila is white and crisp in color. Bluehead is apt for tequila lovers that prefer sipping it slowly and indulging in its taste rather than shots. The brand is little costly in comparison to others, by the fruity and sweet taste keep the booze lovers wanting more.

Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila

This tequila brand in India is preferred by most party-goers, as the bottle is affordable in price and also offers a sweet taste. The bottle in which the drink is stored is elegant and visually appealing. The rich taste of caramel and vanilla make it a popular drink. Piedra Azul tequila drink offers the best soft and smooth finish one can find.

sombroso Silver

The first thing you would notice about this brand is the style of the bottle used to store in it. The contemporary look of the bottle attracts Tequila lovers towards it. Asombroso was launched in the year 2007 and it is more appealing for people looking for a fuller taste. The palate of Asombroso is deep, apart from being full one can sense fine notes of spice and chocolate added to it. Asombroso Tequila drink has a unique taste and helps it to stand out among other brands available in India.

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