Best Rum Brands in India – Price & Details

Best Rum Brands in India – Price & Details

Popular Rum Brands In India With Price And Details

Rum is associated with pirates and sailors; this is because Rum is produced highly in Latin American counties and the Caribbean Islands. This doesn’t necessarily mean India is a stranger to Rum consumption. Rum and old monk are a kind of synonyms that we get to hear in India. India is one of the highest countries that consume and export this golden dark liquid.

Rum is a celebratory drink, apt for any occasion from parties to ceremonies. Rum is made from sugarcane juice and based on the color their usage differs between sipping and cocktail making.

Apart from crowd favorite old monk, the other brands of Rum available in India are as follows:


This brand is well known for its 8 pm whiskey in addition to making Rum. Contessa caters to needs of defense and armed force officials.  Contessa Rum is a dark-colored liquid with a hint of raisins; this Rum has a strong taste. Contessa is sold over 60 countries and is aged for 12 years before offering it for drinking. Contessa by Radico Khaitan limited was established in the year 1943 at Rampur, UP. There is only one beer in the country made from sugar cane and that is Contessa.

Old Port

Old port Rum is made by Amrut distillers, located in Bangalore and established in the year 1948 by JN Radhakrishan Rao. The old port is made from 100 percent Indian grown sugarcane. This brand is quite popular for its price and taste. The old port is easily available in stores and all army canteens throughout India. The bright copper-colored old port Rum has a taste of vanilla and butterscotch in it.

Mc Dowell’s Rum

Mc Dowell’s Rum is manufactured by united spirits limited in India, introduced in the year 1991 under the care of guidance of parent company Mc Dowell’s No.1. This brand of Rum is ruling the market and was able to beat old monk and Bacardi in its sales. The Mc Dowell’s Rum has been a recipient of several international markets.


The next Brand in our list is Hercules; this dark liquid is one of the affordable types in India. Hercules Rum is widely sold in the defense sector again. Hercules is preferred for its taste and price; it is one of the best cheapest rum bottles available in India. Hercules Rum is available in three different variants and both colors white and dark. Hercules can be enjoyed with soft drinks of your choice and without having to fear a hangover.

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