Best Modular Kitchen Fitting Brands in India

Best Modular Kitchen Fitting Brands in India

Modular Kitchen Fitting Brands For Your Home in India

It is often said that sharing a meal brings people closer, and at home, the kitchen is that place where meals are cooked and shared. Kitchen is the heart of a house, at present modular kitchens is in trend. Modular kitchens are modern, sleek, and efficient and include various features that traditional kitchens lacked.

Most new home and homeowners opt for the modular kitchen because of the benefits associated with it. The current India market is open to various manufacturers that offer modular kitchen designing and installation. Below is the list of few noted brands in India that is worth thinking over.

Sleek Modular Kitchen

Sleek is the best modular kitchen brand in India in terms of design and service.

Top Features

  • Outstanding Architectural look
  • Tremendous transformation of the old kitchen into a new and unique style.
  • Best customer satisfaction
  • Offer bold and wood finished kitchen design in various styles
  • Manufacturers of various kitchen accessories and gadgets such as chimney, cabinets, sink, oven and other appliance.

Godrej Modular Kitchen

Godrej is one of the largest brands in India. The brand has evolved itself in the field of furniture and designing, changing the look of various homes, offices, and organizations.

Top Features:

  • Diverse profile with designing of Vibrant and exciting furniture including modular kitchens
  • The brands offer one of the trusted and quality kitchen and furniture products
  • Godrej Modular kitchens are not only new in terms of design but also innovative, making Kitchens stand out.
  • Offer multiple storage facilities that homeowners seek.

Hafele Modular Kitchen

A Germany based brand that provides Modular Kitchen services in India. Hafele Kitchen fitting and other related accessories are one of the best available products in India.

Top Features:

  • Hafele offers complete kitchen makeover from designing, appliance and lighting.
  • The range of Kitchenware offered by Hafele is wide and is of superior quality.
  • Offers customized services to the clients to fit their needs and requirement.

IFB Modular Kitchen

The company was earlier known as Fine banks Ltd, is now called IFB, having its manufacturing factory at Goa. IFB is a household name and its roots can be traced back to the year 1974.

Top features

  • Tailor-made modular kitchen designs for every customer
  • IFB products fall well within the budget of the customers
  • Kitchens are designed by an expert team to perfectly suit everyday life.


Today homeowners prefer designs that are clean, elegant and easy to maintain, making the modular kitchen a viable and best choice. Installing a Modular kitchen has never been this easy as various brands including the ones mentioned above provide this service.

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