Best Blanket Brands in India

Best Blanket Brands in India

Which Blankets brands is the best in India?

Blankets and quilts are the most common commodity found in a household. Many of us enjoy spending our lazy winters by snuggling in with a blanket. Blankets have to be soft, smooth and comfortable. Most of us hate sharing our blankets with others as we are emotionally attached to it. We prefer and love our blankets because of the coziness and safe feeling it gives us.

The list of top blankets brands in India is mentioned here.

Bombay Dyeing

Bombay dyeing is one of the most trusted and preferred brands in India. The brand strongly believes in reinventing itself and keeping up to date with the latest trends. 


  • Best quality blankets and quilts
  • Offers complete bedding solution from sheets, spreads, pillow covers, throws, etc.
  • Available in different style, color, and size.
  • Suitable for Indian winters and climate conditions.


One of the oldest companies in India, it was established in the year 1925 at Thane. Raymond was the first company to innovate a method of mixing wool with polyester.


  • Offers reversible blankets and quilts
  • Variety of colors and design within an affordable price range
  • The Raymond blankets can withstand heavy winter offering a cozy and good night sleep.


The company was established in 2007 and has grown to be the leading wholesaler in the market.


  • Ottomanson blankets and rugs are available in India
  • Known for its excellent services and customer satisfaction.
  • They make a soft cotton blanket offering complete comfort to any user
  • The material used in the making of the blanket is best and can be used for a longer period

Divine Casa

Yet another brand that offers a good quality of bedding solution in India.


  • The microfiber blankets, comforters, and quilts are designed by Divine Casa are unique and elegant. 
  • Again this brand offers some of the best and soft blankets in a wide range of style, color, and texture.
  • The best feature of divine casa blankets is their weight. The lightweight of Divine casa blankets makes it popular among people for easy storage and usage.
  • Divine casa makes reversible single and double bed comforters as well as blankets.
  • Divine Casa blankets are made for year-long usage not just for the winter season.
  • The expertly made blankets are soft to touch and can be washed in the washing machine


Blankets hold a special place in our lives. The above-mentioned list of blankets is not specific to any order or rating. The list is an initiative to help you in picking the right blanket for your needs. Most of these brands sell their blankets on reputable online stores, easily delivered to different parts of India.

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