Are You Know? When Om Puri saved Salman Khan’s life!

Are You Know? When Om Puri saved Salman Khan’s life!

There is story how “Om Puri” sahib saves life of Salman Khan, Veteran on-screen character Om Puri’s sudden destruction has left everybody stunned. The whole Bollywood is grieving over Puri’s demise as it’s in fact a BIG LOSS for every one of us. Om Puri was one of the finest performing artists we had in the industry. He was most recently seen in Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan where he assumed the part of a Pakistani Mosque cleric who helps Salman Khan locate Munni’s home in the film. Om Puri was recently awesome in the film, he controls Salman Khan by saying love has no religion. In the film we perceived how Om Puri shields Salman from the Pakistani police who are pursuing him, he gives the on-screen character a chance to stow away in the Mosque and later even drives him while in transit to Munni otherwise known as Harshaali Malhotra’s home. Likewise intrestingly Om Puri assumes a basic part in Salman’s next film Tubelight also. Yes!

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Discussing his part in the film that is touted to be a period show, Om Puri had uncovered in a meeting, “In Tubelight I play a Muslim Gandhian. The film is set amid the Indo-China war of 1963. I have an extremely fascinating thoughtful character. On the off chance that you recollect that I had played a thoughtful liberal Pakistani mullah in Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It’s great to be thrown in characters with surprising shades of sympathy. Kabir knows how to utilize performing artists in the most ideal way that is available.”

Presently with sudden death the question emerges will the veteran on-screen character be a piece of Tubelight? Well yes, while solely conversing with Kabir Khan’s better half Minu Mathur affirmed that he will be a peat of the film, “Kabir and I are in stun about Omji’s sudden passing. Only two weeks prior he was shooting with us. He assumes vital part in the film and that will remain a vital part of the film.” While sources imparted to us that a couple of scenes including Om Puri were still left to be shot, Mini affirms that Puri’s character may be changed yet be supplanted in the film. She additionally shared, “Om Puri was such a stellar entertainer, Kabir too is unimaginably enamored with him and the hottest individual we have known. We are stunned with the news since he was doing fine only a couple of weeks back.”


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