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How to Apply for New Voter ID Card in Goa Online/Offline

Applying for Voter ID through Online Medium: How to Apply for Voter ID Online in Goa

The Chief Electoral Officer Goa is responsible for facilitating the application for Voter ID cards in Goa. Listed below are the steps that needs to be followed in order to apply for a Voter ID card in Goa online:

  • Visit the official CEO Goa website.
  • Select the required Form to apply for a Voter ID (Form 4 for registration).
  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate form, fill in the required details.

Steps to be followed while filling the form

  • If the user is new and has never enrolled his/her name in the list, the user has to opt for the “My name is not included in the enrolled list before” and choose the appropriate Assembly Constituency.
  • Once the constituency has been selected, the user has to select the relatives that are already enrolled in the list.
  • If the family member’s name is not included in the list, the user has to add their details too.
  • It is mandatory to fill in all the details.
  • Once the form is completely filled, the user has to upload their photo after which all the details will be displayed along with the photo.

Once the form is filled, it has to be printed out and sent to the closest election commission office. The section 2 of the form will be filled by the officers and posted back to the applicant’s address.

Applying for Voter ID through Offline Medium: How to Apply for Voter ID Offline in Goa

People who do not have access to internet and wish to apply for a Voter ID in person and those who are not familiar with online forms, voter ID can be obtained by filling up simple forms.

Follow the procedure given below to apply for a Voter ID in Goa:

  • One can also apply for a Voter ID offline in Goa. The applicant has to avail the application form, the form numbers with their purposes is given below.
    • Form 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after the draft publication of roll.
    • Form 7 – Application form for objection to include a name in electoral roll.
    • Form 8 – Application form for correction of details in electoral roll.
    • Form 8 A – Application form for transposition of an entry in the electoral roll.
  • One must also provide the necessary KYC documents along with the Form 6 that needs to be submitted.
  • It is important to keep handy the details of family members whose name has already been included in the electoral roll if the need comes.
  • Visit the nearest Electoral Registration Office in Goa and submit the documents. Once the documents are approved and verified, the Booth Level officers (BLOs) will visit your residence mentioned on the form to ensure that the details provided are accurate.
  • To issue a voter ID for all registered voters, frequent drives are organized by the Election Commission of India (ECI) at Designated Photographic Locations (DPLs). These drives are advertised in all media channels including TV and print media. These drives can be utilised by people to avail Voter ID without any hassles of having to submit separate application forms.

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