Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile

25 Good Advantages and 5 Bad Effect of Using Mobile Phone

Mobile is the latest technology’s biggest necessity without which it is believed that survival is difficult. Mobile is affordable to almost everyone and based on their ability, they possess a mobile of their choice. Mobiles come with various models and features meeting the needs of everyone from kids to grownups. It is been observed that the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day and so it is needed.

The mobile is electronic equipment which comes with various features helping an individual in many ways. The advantages of possessing a mobile phone are as follows:

  • 1.The power of knowledge – With the help of a mobile phone, one can learn about anything in the world knowing how to operate it. With locating a place to locating a friend, mobiles are used for its advanced technology. Not just this, ordering food to booking cabs, everything is possible with mobiles. With just a phone call or booking through an app, everything arrives at your doorstep.

The Power of Knowledge

  • 2. Connectivity – The feeling of staying connected to your near ones helps in breaking the barrier which did not exist in the past. Connecting calls with HD facilities help in hearing the person’s voice so close who is miles away yet close to the heart

Connective Advantages Disadvantages

  • 3. The source of entertainment – Never will a person feel bored while using a mobile. Your favorite shows can be watched on loop with the help of mobile phones.

Entertainment Source

  • 4. Safety features – Keeping track of your favorite person and their safety is one advantage welcomed on a great note


  • 5. Storage of media – Storing your memorable pictures, videos and watching them can be possible with the mobile phone


  • 6. Playing Gaming- Make it brain fast and ready to absorb any types of information and topic.
  • 7. Strong of Memory –  Mobile have multiple function make it memory strong due to technology working fast.
  • 8. Development of Brain –  When you use mobile phone for multi tasking it directly make effect on brain.
  • 9. Know about the world –  Ina single click you know about the world by using mobile phone.
  • 10. Best Source of Study – If you talk about study help in mobile
  • 11. Real time tracking
  • 12. Real Time Earning
  • 13. Fast work capacity
  • 14. Fast Approval
  • 15. Fast Communication
  • 16. Saving of Manpower
  • 17. Saving of Money
  • 18. Saving Time
  • 19. Easy to Use of Technology
  • 20. Security of Data
  • 21. Live Streaming
  • 22. Audio & Video Support in Education
  • 23. Interactive Education
  • 24. Real Time Practical
  • 25. Cost Effect Operation of Company/Organisation

However, the drawbacks of using a mobile phone cannot be overlooked as they cause a serious threat to our health and safety

  • With the latest technology, hacking a mobile phone and stealing personal details is very easy. No security system is available to keep your personal information safe
  • Using mobile phones can cause serious health issues and kids are addicted to them. This can cause serious damage to the eyes and hands
  • Access to anything in the world can lead to getting stuck with bad habits
  • Spending a huge amount of money on buying the latest mobile phones leads to a waste of money

The use of mobiles should be on a limited note and its benefits are to developed rather than wasting time and energy on unnecessary usage.

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