Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising

Top 5 Solid Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising

Advertisement plays an important role to turn a small company into a big one. The reason is exposure because as you advertise, more people start to know about your brand and they might buy a product in the future. So, advertisements make space in people’s mind, and then it turns them to buy products of that particular brand in future. This thing matters a lot. However, there are some disadvantages, also. Let’s know about both the factors –

Advantages of Advertisements

  • 1. Exposure – After an advertisement, your brand starts getting popular. There are many types of advertisements, so the exposure part will depend upon the factor of how you prefer it.

Exposer for Brand

  • 2. Reputation – Believe or not, the reputation of a brand starts increasing after a couple of months. Proper placement of advertisement help getting more exposure and having a significant difference in the reputation.


  • 3. Boost Sales – For a small brand, sales matter a lot. If the numbers are increasing by a little, it can help to get more revenue to keep working in the same field. So, brands do the same; they opt for advertisement and get a boost in sales.


  • 4. Better Quality – If a company can invest in the advertisement, then they can easily enhance the quality of the product. These days, only quality product manufacturer companies spent thousands of dollars on quality and ensuring the best one for an affordable price.


  • 5. Brand Visibility – Advertising is a way to directly communicate with your audience through the brand ad which is online and off-line. Big advantage of advertising is increase the brand visibility. Now we are leaving in digital age all the rand choose the online advertising model for increase his sale’s and ROI.


  • 6. Easy to Showcase New Product – Any brand launches new product with unique quality which is required to people know about his USP. In this case advertising is best way to convenience your buyer. There is small cost involved in this eco-system that product show in exiting advertisement.

New Product Show Case

Disadvantages of Advertisement

  • Ad Cost – If ads are not planned properly, then ads can end up costing way more than the sales. It might make you bring all the advertisement programs down for a couple of months or weeks.
  • So Many Types – Variety is required, but too many options mean you have to spend a little on all types. Or, you have to choose the right section or column so that your brand reach to people who are interested in your stuff.
  • Risky Approach – Brands with a little problem in reputation might face huge criticism, and it can take years to recover the brand image. ORM programs are there to help, but such methods are also expensive to go after.

Bottom Line

After going through advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that there are several types to choose from. You have to be selective in approach and consider the right type of advertisement as well as you have to decide the perfect budget to keep on growing.

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