10 Best Scooty/Scooters between 45000 – 55000 Rs in India 2017

10 Best Scooty/Scooters between 45000 – 55000 Rs in India 2017

Top 10 scooters in India under Rs 55,000

Scooty or Scooter both are very small in size and easy to drive and this makes scooter favorites of all peoples of India. This is because India is a country of the population as well as of heavy traffic. Therefore scooter is become the first choice for Students, Girls, and many people use for going to offices and for shorter distance etc.

In the Indian market of the scooter, every company has more than two or three variants of the scooter. This makes very confusing and tough for customers for deciding that which one is best for him. Therefore we feel that we must have to do something which will help all the users and they easily decide which is best for him to purchase.

There is no doubt now that Scooters and range of unisex scooter in India have snatched away the top spot crown from bikes as the top available choice in two-wheeler category of transportation.

The list contains the name and different top rated and appreciable specification of scooter and scooty in accordance of ranking marked by the reviews of different online transportation sites.

Followings are the list of 10 Best Scooty/Scooters between 45000 – 55000 Rs in India 2017

  1. Honda Activa 125

Price INR 55,000/-

  • The top spot gainer in the list is Honda Activa with 125cc engine and power of 9bhp and 6,500rpm.
  • For a hassle free drive, this Honda scooter offers tubeless tires ensuring no puncture.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the majestic scooter is 5L.
  1. Honda Aviator Disc 109cc

Price INR 54,000/-

  • Powered by 109cc engine this Yamha scooter is rated best for mileage and its sleek design.
  • Aviator model of Honda offers 20L under seat storage that helps you to store full faced helmet under the seat.
  1. Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift

Price INR 55,000/-

  • Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift is the upgraded model of the Swift 110cc engine, engine adds more power to the rider with a 125cc engine and naturally air cooled device.
  • Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift focuses more on road safety as scooter contains telescopic suspension and conventional alloy wheels.
  • CVT transmission assures more mileage.
  1. Honda Activa 3G

Price INR 54,000/-

  • Activa 3G the slighter compact model of Activa offered as the 3rd Generation of Activa features the smart look and light weight.
  • The fuel efficiency of the scooter on the highway is 60kmpl and while riding through the city, it is measured as 50kmpl.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the scooter is 5 liters.
  1. Yamaha Fascino

Price INR 55,000/-

  • Fascino model with the sleek metal body in combination with trendy color option has acquired special positioning amongst youngster.
  • The engine of the smart scooter is powered with 113cc engine and power of 7BHP.
  • The decent range of mileage offered by Faschino is measured as 46kmpl.
  1. TVS Jupiter

Price INR 50,500/-

  • TVS Jupiter is the second best choice marked by the section of India’s population choose scooter and scooty as their riding option.
  • Jupiter offers two drive mode option with economy and power mode and engine specification of 113.5cc.
  • The top speed of this TVS scooter is 80kmph and the mileage offered is 56kmpl.
  1. Hero Maestro Edge

Price INR 51,000/-

  • The Maestro Edge model of the scooter is upgraded model of the Hero Maestro model launched three years prior to the new model, Edge model is charged with specification as Digital Speedometer, LED under seat, under seat charger and much more.
  • The Maestro Edge works on the same engine specification as the Maestro model with 110.9cc and air cooled technology.
  • Assuring carefree ride for a 64kmpl mileage is rated as the best in class for 110cc scooters.
  • Vibrant different and more color options under same price tag help Edge to gain positive responses.
  1. Yamaha Ray-Z

Price INR 54,000/-

  • Yamaha Ray-Z is the leading Yamaha Scooter or Scooty model available in the market with the tag Unisex riding option, the vibrant colors and set of the new specification as LED Indicator and charging slot under the seat are rated as the best features.
  • The engine of the scooter is powered with 113cc engine that is powered by four stroke engine and air cooled technology.
  • The engine of the scooter is charged to churn up power worth 7bhp and torque of 8Nm.
  • Yamaha Ray-Z not only looks sporty as the top speed offered by scooter 87kmph in the 110cc segment is rated as the best.
  1. Suzuki Access

Price INR 53,000/-

  • After Yamaha Suzuki is another Japanese-based company that offers high in class technology mated best with efficiency, most of the Suzuki two wheelers model are dedicated and designed basically for the youth of India.
  • The single cylinder engine of the scooter is powered with 125cc power and works with air cooled technology in the combination of four stroke engine.
  • The powerful engine of the scooter churns up power rated as 8.5bhp with the torque power worth 9.8Nm.
  • Suzuki Access offers best in the class top speed of 91kmph and CVT based system offers great efficiency to a giant performer.
  1. Yamaha Alpha

Price INR 54,000/-

  • Yamaha is known to be one of the most famous names amongst the two wheeler section of scooters and bikes, the prominent feature of Yamaha bikes and scooter are semi-sports look and power.
  • The engine specification of scooter carries air cooled technology based 4 stroke engine with 113cc power.
  • For a better set of performance and smooth journey, the scooter is mated with CVT or Continuous Variable Transmission.
  • Yamaha Alpha offers best in class mileage of worth 62kmpl and the top speed marked with 80kmph.

Note:This list of 10 Best Scooty/Scooters between Rs. 45000 – 55000in India 2017, here the prices or rate of scooty are provided is on the average basis. This may be varying city to city or may be state to state.

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